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Sunday, July 10, 2005

doodle oodle doomdoom noodle
mweeeeeeeeeeeeehehehehehahahehehe!.. yesh! Cows are attacking and will steal our Ramen... >.> NOT TEH NOODLE!! ANYTHING BUT!!!.. my walls like really shiney and Idunno why!.. shiiiiiney wall!.. wow... I am alone, I am hungry!! =^o^= I'm still nekked! ^o^! hehehe, Gaiaonline.com's fun! I have plenty enough gold for clothes, but I'm saving for my ears... tis a sad sad world when ya havta buy ears don'tcha think?.. okie, I didn't havta buy ears, kinda like I didn't havta buy hair.. but I liked that hair better-er!! ^-^ *nodnod* oh! before I forget, for any other Gaiaonline.com players if ya wanna add me My screen name ish
for I ish a Taco, That Squeeks... Beware teh random raining Taco-ness!! hehehehe... ohoh! I'm gunna be leavin' for twwwwwwwwwwoooo weeks!! ;-; no comp. or anything! I'ma be on a bus full of like 42 peoples or something like that!.. tis gunna be alotta ridin' and what not!.. hmm... *thinks of random things to inform you guys*.... I like Cows! they go Squake!!...

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