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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

*pokes a ton of random people* Sneeze with your eyes open!
I command of ya!.. for if you don't then you will be all eyes closey-er and that's just bad cause then you'll explode!! *nodnod*... oh oh! important news!! I'm bored! and Dizzy's gunna marry a marshmellow! *nodnod*... hehehehehe... BWAHAHAHA! *lightning strikes randomly*... aww man! I liked that tree!!!... ;-; oh well there's other tree's in the sea! *tree dance* Hewwo's all!! ^o^! wowzies.. tis been like... FOREEEEEVER!!! *bounces around* okies not really but shhh, you dunno know that cause your blind!! yup! *nodnod* a Hobo stole your eyes! stupid hobo! now we gotta go to Eye-Mart.. people are creepy there.. their all like, "wanna Eyeball?" and your like.. NO! ya weirdo! sellin' me an eyeball! what is this eye-mart?! hehe.. eye-mart *cracks up*...

Sales person~ but.. uhm.. Ma'am?..

MONKEY!.. I want a moldy suit!.. yknow? A suit thats all moldy-fied? that'd be cool!.. and uhm.. yeah! that's all!..

Sales person~ o.o.. o.O... ?.? *walks away*

BWAHAHAAH!!.. ok.. thats all for now!... I'm bored!... ;-; and I'm nekked!.. ok.. not really.. but I am sorta on Gaia!.. hehehe... I'MMMMMMMMM NEKKED!! *runs around* ^o^!.. Gir owns... byebyes!! *hugglez all*

Doodle Oodle Not A Noodle?... YAYA! *Noodle-dances*

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