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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   Mother, mother, why do you cry?
I understand, you dont mean to pull me down, but you're pulling me to the ground with your sobs and your tears. Have you not lost your sensitivity after all these years? I have. I'm just an empty soul, look into my eyes and you'll know... cuz there's nothing there. Tear me to pieces while you bash my father for things he should have but did not say, it doesnt matter anyway, I cant feel the stake pounding through my black heart. I only see what comes of it, tis how i know that black hearts still bleed red blood. YES YOU RAISED ME! NO, HE DID NOT! THERES NO REASON TO BE DISTRAUGHT! He's skating on thin ice as it is, leave him alone, it is what it is. Lets move on lets get a move on, don't be late for the nothing of tommorrow i feel no sorrow, only emptiness, I saw a glimpse of ecstasy while piloting the boat, waves lapping, slapping freely, glittering off the sun, water so blue and green, so pretty, it burst open my heart, gave it a pulse of red, but back to reality, the ecstasy is gone, my heart is once again dead. But i dont blame you, and I shouldn't. Hell is fine for now.
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Monday, May 16, 2005

For our pain, we find a kind of release, a slice at the wrist can easily cease.... the current pain in your heat, self mutilation, a timeless art. And some release in page after page, their hearts greatest desires, the means of their rage. And some are not of human thought, daring to dream things that they ought not. But i myself admire those who shut themselves up in poetry and prose.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Well its been a while since ive even been on an otaku of any sort but here goes...
Alot has happened most of it to personal to share. Anyway for trimester 1 and 2 i got srait A's and all O's because my teachers like me (isnt that odd) anyway i had one super serious relationship where i felt like i was totally in love but then my parents forbid me to talk to him so i was screwed anyway (i use the word anyway alot) i guess as the saying goes out of sight out of mind. now i like this guy named miguel but i dont really know whats up in my love life now. School sucks as alway cuz my teachers are boring and homework sux... I have a current event to do along with some math and lit lang homework that i really dont want to do. oh ya EVERYBODY MY HAIR IS DIFFERENT NOW CUZ I HAVE SUPER BLONDE STREAKS IN THE FRONT AND ALSO I GOT MY EYEBROWS PLUCKED SO NOW THERE ALL SHAPED AND STUFF. Ya.. hmm lets see I cant wait to go back to my moms next week so we can watch the new episodes of fullmetal and Gt and ghost in a shell.. Thank god for teevo.. Right now im listening to Blink 182 (the mark tom and travis show) lets see what else can i tell you.. well i had pe today and i did sit up (34) not much but its okay that for sat9 or cat6 or whatever the test is called now.. Oh i got this tad pole to raise in science a lil while ago and it died on saturday night when we came home from the movies.. Oh ya we saw feverpitch that was pretty kewl.. and i saw this guy named celso (one of my X's) and he like shook my hand but then touched my ass.. lol.. It was kinda scary.. I dont know what else to say. Anyway i have to do hw now.. ttyl..
<3 Daph <3

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