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Monday, May 21, 2007

:so, it's been a while:
i'm sorry, that i haven't been on in a while. i forgot my password, and such, and the Otaku took forever to send it to me.

so, everyone, how are you?

school is out in like, a month.
i'm happy.
and i get my permit next month.

so i thought i was over my ex, until he went over to my mom's house with my brother and was talking to her about me.

why does this happen to me?


seven months
and i've seen you once
but still you're in my head

twisting my thoughts
tying in knots
my only safe haven

lying in bed
remembering what you said
hating me for myself

i look at you
you have destroyed yourself
and i still love all that you are

you'll wait for her
like you waited for me
but eventually, you'll see the truth.

she is poison to you.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

i'm back from vacation.
it was fun.
went to canada.
and washington
and oregon.
it was pretty interesting. canada has a double big mac. and their 'golden arches' of mcdonalds has a maple leaf in the middle. also a pack of american cigarettes are like 12 bucks there.

what has become of us
you snort
i smoke
we never speak anymore

what has become of us
you leave
i stay
and think of the past

what has become of us
i cry
you fuck
and we dont see eachother

what has become of us
you party
i sulk
and we dont ever smile

what has become of us
you are lost
i am lost
what has become of us?

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Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm leaving for Washington, lovies.

Talk to you in like 13 days.
miss you as much as you miss me.

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So ive
been still feeling pretty empty
although today was good
i made a new friend in school. she's new and she's from san bernadino and i introduced her to all my friends.
its kewl because she's straight. [most "punk" girls are bi at my school] and i'm tired of making friends who just fall for my other friends anyway. because then i feel used or just ignored.

i kinda hate how its "cool" to be bisexual.
i used to be bi-curious. but i frenched a girl one time and i just didn't feel anything.
so now i know that i like penis men.

ugh. on that subject, i need someone knew.
because i will love ALEX forever.
so waiting for this pain to go away won't work.

but meeting someone new to love will make me move on.

plus i've done nothing and no one in a long long time. haha. i need some love.

but i cant stop thinking of how it used to be.
the past sucks. but i live with only the hope that the future will be better.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

i'm so tired of waking up in the morning.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

so whats up everyone. i have been visiting updated sites so i should be commenting here and there.

i feel totally. horrible. in a nutshell.
or just empty.
like somethings missing. like i wake up in the morning and work hard to get through the day just so i can go home and go back to sleep. and that's bad.
i guess emotionally i still need him. go figure.

and i'm starting to hate any affiliation with drugs because drugs is what ruined us.
because he'd rather be with a girl who can get him all the free cocaine he wants.

i hope he gets a disease from the dirty cunt.

but anyway. i'm pretty bored. being grounded sucks.

grounded and single.

but my quarter grades came. all A's except for honors world geography, a B, which counts as in A because in california our harder classes are "weighted" making them worth more than a regular class. w/e.

anyway, take care.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


what is my purpose...
in this life i find no more pleasure in?
i have no ambition, save love,
a love who cast me aside-
and looked me in the eyes-
and didn't even say goodbye.

i awaken in the mornings
in hopes to make it through the day
to return to my bed,
my final resting place.

what is he pondering now-
while i dwell on thoughts of him?
surely every kiss couldn't have meant nothing...
what happened?

claims he doesn't deserve happiness-
[he inhales another line]
while he holds her bony ugly hand
does he ever think of mine?

and it's over and over-
spinning in my head...
what did i do to make it end?

but i hope he's glad to know,
i'll never go near his stuff again
no drugs for me, i'm done, he made it end.

because if you can leave the girl
you said you'd never leave
and you can fuck the girl
you said was just a friend
i don't want it then.
i don't want this
make it end.

and if doing another line
kills the pain better than i can...

i know now that i don't ever want to be numb

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Just dropping by.
I'm glad we don't have school friday. because that makes thursday feel like friday.
even though i have two tests tomorrow.
the geometry test will be easy.
the biology test, i'm not so sure about.

anyway, take care.

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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Always seems to be a nice day, doesn't it.?
It's technically the beginning of a new week.
I feel pretty good. I'm actually getting HW done without procrastinating.

I'm working on an extra credit project too.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

its been a long while.
school is time consuming.
and i'm totally single.
because my boyfriend left me
for a druggie whore.
ohh well. what can you do.
i kinda like someone else now.
i'm trying to get over alex.
its just hard sometimes.
i'm grounded, so if i'm not back on for a while,
it'll be because my dad will put a NETGEAR
FIREWALL over this site.
besides that, you all take care.
-dizzy daphne

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