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Sunday, August 28, 2005

xActly my thought.. 11 days..

school begins in 11 days.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

letmego ahhhhh!

NOT Like You Guys Missed ME or anything, but I THOUGHT I OUGHTA TELL YOU that i'm BACK AT MY DADS.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

   my tribute to all you people who feel like committing a mass genicide..

Dont you hate those days when-
everyone gets on your nerves,
and you feel like strangling the next person
to ask you how you were,

and the feelings remain
with every single day,
and everything they say,
it surges anger through your brain,

and you cant wait for them to die,
and you know that you're about to cry, because-

sometimes roses arent red,
and all the violets turn black.
everyone willsoon be dead,
you're planning your attack.

YOu're always saying to yourself
"i hate this shit.."
"nothings good, nothings fair,"
"i dont like them one fucking bit!"


sometimes roses arent red,
and all the violets turn black.
everyone willsoon be dead,
you're planning your attack.

they'll never know until its too late.
they're all on the platter, on deaths plate.

and your just helping god get these motherfuckers to heaven.
there goes one, there goes two,
before you know it you've killed seven.

and all the bodies seem to drop right out of the sky,
god must love you for helping them die.

kill them kill them, make them die.
lets not ask questions, not wonder why,
fuck them fuck them they're too late.
they were never nice to you anyway.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

happy birthday
christophers birthday is now here
so everybody, lets all cheer,
for the number one bestest brother,
who isn't on myotaku cuz he doesn't bother.
mother fucker. hehe. happy birthday christofuck.

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i fucked up my braces

i was flossing and the string got stuck and i tried to pull it out, and now the wire is digging into my gum. fuck.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

   randomly spontaneously extraordinarily me
i'm going to see deuce bigalow tonight.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

   crazed and infatuated

so it seems,
i've lost my mind again.
but i dont mind this time,
its not something i'm trying to find.

my attractions are leaping from guy to guy,
and i'm staring to wonder why
my problems have turned to dust
no more pain, just lust.

i'm not looking for you, brain,
i'm almost considering staying insane.
i like the way i am when i'm lost.
i'll be happy at that small cost.

I dont need you to survive,
just myself, and a place to hide.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   The Valley and My Troubles

"Come, Come with me
To the Valley of Green
Where Smiles linger upon everyones faces
and this place of all places
with all species and races
all the good in the world
in this valley i have found
the wind it blew and twirled
as my feet touched this holy ground
not knowing how i came here,
not wanting to ever leave,
not caring about my old fear,
the one weighing down my sleeve."

I return only for you,
so i can take you there
to this place upon places
where happiness lies there
but you refuse my offer
you dont want to come
I'll beg of you once more
Please do what i have done.

and i said
"Come with me to the valley of green,
Where the flowers bloom early and the birds always sing,
Ane Everyone is happy just being who they are,
not needing to fit in,
not needing to go far,
not needing to take this gun,
the barrel to my head,
the trigger in my fingers,
so long now, i'll be dead.."

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i just got a gaia. my name is Sanketo. I'm tired. TTYL.
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Sunday, August 14, 2005

very back.

guess whose back!
i've been at my moms for the past like eight days.. but i'm back now. thats why i haven't been online since the fifth. anyway, i apologize for that. and i prolly wont get around to everybodies sites, since i'm sunburnt and tired as hell. cuz we went to opening day. and now my skin is on fire. as soon as i'm finished with the comp i'm going to go find some aloe vera. i really dont want to peel. i hate dead skin. icky. anyway. since i'm not going to be able to get around to you guys, i dont even expect you guys to comment on this, but i'll ramble on aimlessly cuz i dont feel like getting up to look for aloe vera. my niece came over this weekend.. she's so cute. and my older sisters friends kids came over too. so i spend this weekend, tired as hell and burnt as fuck, babysitting.
I didn't get any money either. o well.

and hearts; , aka óż


i wonder if the html works on this. o well.


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