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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Thank you all for your very nice comments when I was whining the other day ^_^ I'm reading them, don't worry, I just didn't have time to respond to them individually. But yes 'Borjan, my rant-off button broke, heh.

Well, this will be my last post, at least until Wednesday. I'm going up home (New Hampshire that is) for a little visit, memory lane skip, that sort of thing! I'm not going to get to visit your sites until then, so don't think I'm neglecting you or anything! I love you guys!

I think I'll do some super-fun ranting about the latest episodes of my very favorite BitTorrents!

Peace Maker Kurogane 22: *Growl* YOSHIDA-SENSEIIIIIIII! You should have learned by now... harming a bish, especially Okita, comes at a HIGH price. Because then... *pulls out a katana and shoves Tetsu aside (gently)* you have to deal with his fangirls. *Grin* Coming, Dagger?

Fullmetal Alchemist 22: For God's sake, is bish torture a fad these days? *Wipes the blood off katana* You're next, Envy, ya gender-ambiguous twat! *Grabs Shanny and Tigress to deal with said 'gender-ambiguous twat'*

I can't wait for the next episodes of both! PMK looks like it's going to make me cry, and FMA is going to be ANGST! Everybody, get your angst-and-sadness-shields at the ready, and I'll see you all on Wednesday.

For those of you as lucky as me, HAPPY SPRING BREAK!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2004

   Rants of a Discouraged Writer: Read on at Your Own Risk
It's bad enough that my writing gets laughed at in my creative writing class. But now it's getting laughed at in my TV/Film class as well.

Our 9 weeks project was to write a 10-15 page screenplay, and at the end of the assignment, our teacher would hand them out to the class (anounymusly) and the class would write critiques on it. Well, of course, the one person I never wanted to see my writing again gets ahold of it. And of course, she doesn't feel content with simply writing a critique. She has to royally mock it in front of the whole class. Royal mocking is just like regular mocking, only much louder and twice as malicious. And to hear people telling everyone around them that your writing is so awful it's funny? That really stings.

I don't know why I'm letting it get to me so much. After all, this girl is famous for her extremely harsh edits. But this happens with practically every piece I write, and not just with her, either. It's with most of my class. The whole thing just makes me never want to write a piece of short fiction again. I know I'm being overly dramatic... but I used to be so proud of my work. I wish I could still say that.

*Rant mode turned off*

On a happier note, THAT is up to 30 members! Members: Dark Phoenix, Red Tigress, and I have a little surprise for you in the near future!

And know what? I don't care what people say about my writing. She wouldn't have been so adamant that it was awful if she could write herself. Her piece was inane, ininspired, and offensive, with stereotypical characters, and her dialogue was very contrived.

Now that I got that off my chest, have a great day!

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Sunday, March 7, 2004

"This is the military! We don't do executions!"
Wow, I haven't updated for almost a week! Sorry, everyone. I haven't been online much either. End of the quarter... you know how it is.

Anyways, my anime party was yesterday. Even though it wasn't my actual birthday party, I still got presents from a few people. I gots:
-First 4 episodes of Haibane Renmei
-Fruits Basket vol 1
-Hellsing vol 1
-Fushigi Yuugi vol 7
-A CLAMP manga that I have yet to read
-And Demon Diary 6!

Plus, I just got a ton of birthday money from relatives, and I plan to spend it on a nice, new box set. But I can't decide whether to get X-TV, or Descendants of Darkness. Which one do you guys think I should go for?

On one last anime-related note, they really need to get the latest episodes of FMA and PMK translated before I go insane with the cliffie-ness of it all! *Pulls hair out*

The end of this week is Spring Break! *Cheers* I'm going to visit my friends and family up in New Hampshire at the end of this week. I just wish I had a chance to relax before we went on vacation. I know that sounds weird, but I'm going to be with people 24 hours a day until we leave, and that puts me on edge. I need alone time, or I explode.

But anyways, X-TV or Descendants of Darkness?

EDIT: I swear, there's nothing worse than waiting for the latest episode of FMA to download, especially when the last one was such a cliffie, and because Shanny's watching it right now. GAAAH! FASTER, I SAY!

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Monday, March 1, 2004

   This is a night for Middle Earth!
Yes, ROTK totally swept the Oscars, last night. 11 awards, baby! Tolkien fans, this post is dedicated to you.

This post is also dedicated to our very own Dagger, who is a year older today. (Actually, until recently I thought she was a college student- haha) So Dagger, here's to being one year closer to the age I thought you were! We love ya!

Additional dedications: To the Germans, who create the coolest names in existance, to the late Kate Hepburn, who just rocks, and to anyone who has either asked or just wondered: who the hell is this Barry?

Today wasn't a terribly taxing day, which I was quite relieved about. In TV/Film we got to watch Return of the Jedi, and it was awesome, even for the umpteenth time. This one girl kept asking why the Death Star had chunks blown out of it, so I told her that George Lucas got hungry. The sad thing was, I think she believed me. *Anime-type sweatdrop*

And my birthday party is this weekend! Well, one of them anyway. I'm having a seperate, little party for my otaku friends, as they are quite antisocial and don't get along with my other friends. The other party will be the weekend of the 27th, and it'll be more of the cake and all that. My actual birthday is the 22nd, the day after Spring Break ends. A little hard to keep track of, really!

I shall finally be 16. All together now: YAY!

As for this weekend: it was blissfully uneventful. I basically spent it talking to Shanny on MSN, a little bit talking to my boyfriend on the phone, and Bit Torrenting like a madwoman. And later last night, Red and SomeGuy came on, and we watched the Oscars together. Quite relaxing.

Well, I'm off to do the homework thing. Balancing equations in chemistry have to be the most fun thing we've ever done... *giggles*

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Friday, February 27, 2004

   Had a very bad day today, to finish off a pretty bad week. I guess I'm getting a little stressed out after all, I've got a few projects due, and my math and chemistry work is getting a lot harder. Not to mention I just couldn't keep from annoying/unintentionally angering just about everyone today, which kind of made me feel bad. And I had creative writing today, which I don't even have to explain anymore.

I'm just in a really weird mood now. The "I'll be fine with my chocolate milkshake and the latest episodes of Peace Maker and Fullmetal Alchemist to cheer me up, but the littlest thing will set me off" kind of mood. The littlest thing being the milkshake is gone, and PMK and FMA were both super-cliffies. Well, Shanny and Red are on MSN, so I'm going to cheer meself up.

Oh, and for those of you who wanted to see my poem...

"Life Underwater"

We've already established I'm past that,
that fresh-faced blankness
of an eleven-year old.
When you aren't even confident enough
not to count the steps in your head,
even if it breaks the continuity.
It's easier to pretend it ends there,
rather than reaching the point where you realize,
"What, there's more?

You had nothing to worry about,
you never had trouble with skipping stones.
I've reached the age where
I can't blame it on the waves anymore,
as the stone skips once,
and sinks without a ripple.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

EDIT: I tell you, there's nothing that can ease your nerves like a good, 4 hour conversation/anime discussion with Shanny and Red Tigress on MSN messenger. I feel worlds better. Thanks for your kind words, everyone, I appreciate it so much! *Hugs everyone*

On a personal note: I hate Barry! *Giggles* Good times...

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Over 1000 visits! It took me forever, but I finally caught up to you guys! *Pant... pant* I've always been the slow PPT.

Anyways, the end of the quarter is coming and the teachers are trying to kill us. But I'm managing my work so I don't get too stressed out. Good thing too, a few people I know are getting so overloaded they're getting sick... really sick. It's scary that stress can affect people like that.

After hearing some rather pompous sounding poetry from the seniors in Creative Writing today, I was prompted to write something of my own! I was thinking of posting it on here, like I sometimes do, but I didn't know if you guys were sick of my writing yet... heh heh.

On a happier note, a friend of mine is coming over tommorow night to go to a seminar downtown with me. Before we leave, we'll probably watch some of my BitTorrented anime, since she doesn't have much internet access. I've already got her into PMK, though.

Well, here's something fun and incredibly frightening for everyone:


Have a nice day! I'll probably be online later tonight.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

   "People cannot gain anything without losing something..."
As the post's title implies, I've been watching Fullmetal Alchemist all weekend. I thought it would tide me over until PMK 20 was released, then I ended up really liking it. And since I really liked it, I didn't save any for when I might be bored and need it. Now I'm waiting on 2 episodes to be released. *Sighs impatiently*

My other two performances went quite well, except that during a monologue of mine, this old man indignantly huffed, "Oh, Jesus!" really loudly. I wanted to go back there and beat him... but I restrained myself. And none of my friends showed up to support me, although quite a few PROMISED they would... *grumble.* And it makes me even sadder that one of my friends, who'd assured me she absolutely couldn't get a ride, just posted in her LiveJournal about her great day with her boyfriend (who lives near the theater.)

But when I overheard a rather complimentary conversation about me between the playwright and her husband, I felt all better.

Anyways, I did promise, so I found some Haku pictures for the newly recovered Shanny. However, they're not showing up, so here's a nice site to keep you pictureful, Yami.


He's quite the uber-bish. I need to see Naruto now! Well, I'm off to watch some more anime. Tata.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

   My weekend ramblings... enjoy them!
The performance last night went wonderfully, and I got a few compliments on my performance. The creepy director of the theater came up and hugged me, which was terrifying beyond measure. Especially since, before the performance, he asked me if I was nervous, then started shaking me and screaming, "Are you scared? Are you scared? Are you scared?!!??!" Evil old man.

This week was very stressful for me, but Friday I got to relax a little. In TV/Film, we had no lesson plan, so the teacher told us we could watch anything we wanted. A friend of mine had the Kenshin OVA, so we decided to watch that. It was my first time seeing it, and it was decidedly better than the series. Although I was a little confused when the Shinsengumi showed up, because I forgot that they weren't the protagonists anymore... heh heh.

Now, it's time to ramble about BitTorrenting. I'm so hooked right now! Haha. I'm downloading three series right now: Peace Maker Kurogane (if you've been to this site in the past few weeks, you've heard me raving about it), Fullmetal Alchemist (sure, it has it's failings. But if you take the bad with the good, you'll find there's significantly more good), and Matantei Loki Ragnarok (after watching serious and rather depressing eps of PMK and FMA, I decided I needed something light.) I hope to get Gunslinger Girl, Avenger, and maybe Shingetsutan Tsukihime, after hearing great things about them.

Well, I'd love to ramble some more, but I need to do homework. If anyone has any suggestions on what to download, please share them! Wow, I need to clean out Drive C to make room for all this new anime. Then I need to do a search for Haku fan art. I made a promise, after all ^_^

EDIT: I was just on the OB, and realized I needed a new banner and avi. The only problem is: I have no clue what to ask for! I can't just say "Surprise me," can I? Haha. Dagger has a cool one... *envy*

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Friday, February 20, 2004

Just watched PeaceMaker episode 19. I should have known it would get depressing sooner or later. But still... *sniffle* IT'S SO SAD! And filled with some very awkward bonding moments... very good episode indeed.

I'm gonna have to make this post short, I'm, off to my first performance in my play. Okay everyone, wish me luck!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Hey everyone...
Everyone knows Shanny, or Dark Phoenix, around here, right? We're all pals here, and everyone loves Shanny. Well, I want everyone to have her in their thoughts, okay? She's having some trouble with pneumonia right now, and she's in the hospital, after scaring... excuse my language here... the shit out of a good number of people here.

And Shanny, if you're reading this, STAY PUT AND GET BETTER, WOMAN! I mean it, now! Don't make me, SG, Molly, Red, Dany and me come up there! Once I know you're all better, I'll post as much Haku fanart as I can find!


EDIT: Wha-hoo! She's feeling better! I'm so relieved, Yami! Just you wait, I'll have that Haku post in a jiffy.

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