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Thursday, November 27, 2003

   I have returned...
*Tired grin* Sorry everyone, I've been up to my elbows in schoolwork. But I'm back now! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

But I'm a little angry at something. Every year since I moved here, I go to this little shopping center called 'The Landing' and I help them at the gift-wrapping stand. And my mom and I always take the last shift by ourselves, because they only need 2 people. And I get to buy dinner at the food court and go sit on the balcony by myself, look at the lights and everything. But this year, when they were getting volunteers from my class, I told her I wanted the last shift over and over, then a senior raised her hand and asked once, and got assigned to the last shift. Sorry, I know that's not a big deal, but it was important to me. Oh well, there's always next year!

Which reminds me, I'm a bad, bad person! I went to the mall to buy my mom her Christmas present, and I did, but I also spent some of my shopping money on a Fruits Basket DVD. HOW COULD I? HOW COULD I SPENT CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MONEY ON AN ANIME? AND A SHOJO ANIME NO LESS! OH, THE SHAME! I SHOULD BE STRUCK DOWN BY A LIGHTNING BOLT OF GOD!

Wait, I haven't gotten my paycheck yet this month. Which means I have more than enough for the rest of my shopping...

*Embarassed look*

I... um... I...

Ooooh, my cinnamon buns are ready! *runs off to kitchen* I'll get myself caught up on everyone's sites! Happy turkey day!

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

   NightBeck's Theory of Anime Categories (WARNING! LONG, POINTLESS POST)
(I just felt like posting this. I wrote it during Algebra class. Enjoy! By the way, sorry for signing off so suddenly, Tigress and Shanny. My comp crashed from trying to download an episode of CB. Mehr! And Mireiyu got the quote, it was from Cowboy Bebop, said by Mad Pierrot in ep. 20)

When watching an anime, chances are, you either say, "Wow, this is really original!" or "Wow, this is really cliche!" Well, every anime, the original and the cliche, fits into a category, much like the ones here in Western culture. After a lot of unecessary thinking (a dangerous pasttime, I know), I've come up with a few categories of my own, and some that already existed. Enjoy! Please keep in mind that some animes fit into other categories as well, I'm just generalizing.

1. Magical Girl Anime- The typical Magical Girl Anime has a "perfectly-normal-but-ever-so-ditzy" girl as the protagonist. This girl was chosen by her destiny to find the forces of evil. Chances are, she wears a schoolgirl outfit as well. And she does this with the help of her faithful friends and pretty but mysterious man (Oooooooh.) Some examples are Sailor Moon, and Escaflowne.

2. Mech Anime- This anime is usually set in the future, and it the middle of some kind of intergalatic war. But who will save us? Kids ranging from ages 14-16 and their really big mechs! The pilots are usually as follows: either stoic, peace-loving (so why are they fighting a WAR?), doing it all for a special girl/boy, or a class-clown type kid who has no purpose but to make you love him/her. They try and make these animes have psychological undertones. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Some examples are Gundam Wing and Evangelion.

3. Fantasy/Sci-Fi anime- (Not to be confused with the above 2) Fantasy anime is often set in the past, and sci-fi in the future. Fantasy deals with fighting some evil demon or tyrant, and often has several main characters. Sci-Fi often is about what the future will be like, and often is very technologically based. Some fantasy examples are InuYasha, most Miyasaki movies, and Record of Lodoss War. Some Sci-Fi examples are hack//SIGN, The Animatix, and Bubblegum Crisis.

4. Violent, Bounty Hunter/Head Anime- This kind of anime is filled with blood, guts, gore, and bishis. Lots of bishis. It is usually set it the distant future or past. The main bishi, or protagonist as some like to call him, is usually a pervert, goofy, and has a "dark past" that isn't revealed all at once. The bishi is covered in scars, physical and mental, and some kind of disfigurement or missing appendage. He has several likable sidekicks, but chances are, one of them dies. Examples include Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Rurouni Kenshin.

5. Vampire Anime- The main character of this one is, surprise surprise, a vampire. But not a normal vampire, mind you. This one hunts other vampires, and has a SOUL! Oooooooh! The vamps do things to pass the time, like work in detective agencies or wander the Earth aimlessly, to help those wild and crazy humans. Some examples include Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, Nightwalker, and Vampire Princess Miyu.

6. Supernatural/Horror Anime- This kind of anime is usually very creepy. The main characters vary greatly in personality, but one thing is the same: they all are curious kids with an obsession with the unknown. These animes usually don't make much sense, but they do stick in your mind for a long time. Some examples include Boogiepop Phantom, Akira, and Serial Experiments Lain.

7. Secret Society Anime- This is the mysterious anime (yet again, oooooooooh). The protagonist is an enigmatic individual that belongs to some kind of secret organization. Sometimes s/he is in it with others, and sometimes alone, but nothing is revealed until later on. There is always one outsider trying to get information, but what s/he gets is never what s/he expects. Examples include Weiss Kreuz, Read Or Die, and Petshop of Horrors.

8. Yaoi/Yuri- You all know what this means. I can hear the fangirls now. Yaoi is boy/boy, a relationship with two guys, LOVE! And Yuri is girl/girl, also LOVE! *Runs from fangirls again* Some Yaoi examples are Gravitation and FAKE, and an example of Yuri is Utena.

9. Comedy Anime- Yes, the kind you can feel your intelligence slipping away when you watch. Comedy is just what it says: comedy. Sometimes pointless, sometimes intelligent, always lots of fun. Some examples are Excel Saga, FLCL (I think...? With FLCL, you never can tell), Ranma 1/2, and Digi Charat.

10. Mythological Anime- These animes take mythologies from all around the world, and use them in their plots. The characters are usually personifications of Gods, Goddesses, or other mythological figures. Some examples are Fruits Basket (Chinese Zodiac), and Ragnarok (Norse Gods)

11. Kawaii Animals Anime- This anime has no plot, or interesting human characters. Bah, who needs 'em, it has cute animal characters. This one is popular among the kiddies. Some examples are Pokemon, Hamtaro, and Digimon.

12. Hentai- Sorry kids, I'm not gonna go there.

Heh, hope you enjoyed! Sorry, I felt like going off on a random tangent tonight. Don't get offended if I placed your fave anime in a category with one you hate. *Gets attacked by Sailor Moon hating Escaflowne fans* And by no means is this a complete list. Give me some suggestions, I'm happy to hear them.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I'm so tired... *falls asleep at keyboard*.I have a really bad cold, in case you're wondering why I haven't been on. I haven't had much of a chance to get online. I'm sorry everyone! *begs for forgiveness*

Look at my stunning anime growth, nya! (Otaku Level: 5)
Otaku Level 5

What Stage of Anime Fandom That I Went Through Are You At?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hehe, I'm a level 5! Thought I was going to be a level 2.

Well, I'm going to jump on the quote bandwagon and supply you with an anime quote! I'll start easy for ya.

"Hello, gentlemen. I have come to take your lives"

Well, I thought it was easy. Give me the series, and for extra credit, the character. But I must sleep. Night, kids.

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Monday, November 17, 2003

   Son of a ... errrr...beaver!
DAMN IT! Some idiot thought it might be fun to go crashing into a transformer by my house, which of course knocked out our power. The computer runs on battery, but the battery happened to be low, and it cut out right in the middle of my convo with Shanny and Tigress! NYAH! It came back at 6:00 this morning. DAMN YOU ELECTRIC COMPANY!

Today was pretty good. We're starting our film noir unit in TV/Film. We watched a documentary about it, and every time they showed a clip of someone getting killed, the freshmen just howled with laughter. *Tries not to kill anyone*

Well, I have to go do my homework now, so I can have a nice long chat with Tigress and Shanny later tonight.

Question: Which public service business do you hate most? (i.e- electric co., police, fire dept., sanitation workers, bus drivers, you get the idea)

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

I'm SO tired. I didn't get to sleep last night...

But the party was fun. I played DDR for the longest time, but now my feet hurt. *Winces* I got to watch several animes that my friends brought. I watched some of Boogiepop Phantom, Petshop of Horrors (I read the mangas already) FAKE, Matantei Loki Ragnarok (very obscure one), Vampire Princess Miyu, and Oh My Goddess. Nothing really eventful happened, except for my friend Alex getting addicted to DDR and trying to kill me without leaving the pad when I asked for a turn o__O

Well, I have to get caught up on my homework, comment on everyone's sites, and sleep! Talk to everyone later...

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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Hey, I'm on the 2nd page in ranking! WOW! *Dances*

Well everyone, I won't be able to chat with you tonight. I have to go to a birthday party at 2, and I'm spending the night. So I'll probably be talking to you all tommorow afternoon. Have a nice Saturday! Don't forget me!

Today's Question: What's the worst party you've ever been to?

(Answer to my own question: My friend's sweet 16 where everyone brought their boyfriends, got into fights, and cried the whole time, while I just sat in a corner, eating Salt and Vinegar chips. Wait a mintune, that was a good party! I had so much fun laughing at everyone, and those were good chips, man!)

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Friday, November 14, 2003

   So tired...

Mole says:
Are you on drugs?
Mole says:
I saw leprechauns when I was on drugs...
Beckster89 says:
ohwell, he looks like a leprechaun... lool. I'M NOT ON DRUGS!
Shandrial1 says:
haha.. yes you are
Beckster89 says:
what kind?
Shandrial1 says:
We all know it, just admit it
Mole says:
Why not?
Beckster89 says:
what drugs am i on, now?
Beckster89 says:
Mole says:
All of them
Shandrial1 says:
Shandrial1 says:
Beckster89 says:
LSD? shrooms? coke? give me a list, at least
Shandrial1 says:
.some//GUY: But, at least I'm not a loser, I guess
Shandrial1: he did it again!!
Shandrial1: tigress!
Red Tigress: huh?
Mole: Watch your step, early boy...
Shandrial1: called me a loser
Shandrial1 says:
hahah... I'm having way too much fun with this
Mole says:
That's cuz you're on drugs...
Beckster89 says:
tell me why i'm seeing green men... lool. LOSERS AGAIN!
Mole says:
you can't think straight
Shandrial1 says:
Beckster89 says:
are we all on drugs?
Shandrial1 says:

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   Watch it and enjoy

Hehe, 'tis a THAT film. I will soon be making the sequel... COW GENOCIDE! Mwahaha, just for you, Mireiyu. And I'll probably have Flint, Dagger, SomeGuy, Aurus, everyone I couldn't fit on here. Enjoy!

EDIT: *Looks around nervously* No, I didn't forget you, Nikk. You have... *looks around again* THE TOP SECRET PART! *Gasp*

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   "Oh night, which ever art when day is not..."
Alright Shanny, Tigress, and Mole, I just downloaded MSN messenger. Is that the right thing? Anyways, my name thingy is Beckster89, and my net passport is orangemonk22@hotmail.com (but that's not my e-mail address). Hope to chat with you later!

But anyways, I went to Midsummer Night's Dream last night at my school, hoping it wouldn't be any good and I wasn't missing anything. But in truth... it was fabulous. It was the best school production I'd EVER seen. The sets were gorgeous, and the acting was great. Maybe it's best they didn't let me audition; I would have looked awful in comparison. It's just not fair that the only chance I got to audition for my favorite play (which I'd been practicing for all summer) and I didn't even get a chance.

Well, enough with the depressing stuff! You don't really wanna hear all that. Today was a very good day! Our Creative Writing class got Dunkin Dounts and cut sentences out of cheesy romance novels and made poems out of them. 'Twas quite fun, and everyone gor along for once.

Plus I got a 100 on a Chem quiz, and I think I did well on my Algebra test today. I did check over everything 4 times...

And now... I'm working (I have an at-home job). I'm almost done, too. Might as well finish up, huh? I'll be on to chat very soon, THAT!

Question: What was your first job? Or if you don't have one, what do you want it to be?

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

   *Insert witty subject title here*
Well kids, I'm not gonna be online 'til much later tonight. I have to go see the school play (which I couldn't audition for because I'm not a theater major) and write a review. I'll be back at about 10 tonight, methinks. So don't freak out if I don't come to your site right away, I will be there in a bit.

Well, here's a little question for the equally bitter: Have you ever really wanted to do something and were refused? And don't be polite about it either. Rant!

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