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Sunday, May 9, 2004

*Crawls up*
Yes, I'm still alive, just mired in schoolwork. Will try and make a real post later!
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Thursday, April 29, 2004

   Yes, it broke in half!
Aurus and Mimmi, I answered your questions in the last post ^__^


1) Who would you give your last McDonald's fry to?

Hehe, probably to whoever asks first! Did you want it? *Hands Godel her last fry*

2) Where is Carmen Sandeigo?

In my closet, tied up. I had to steal her kickass trenchcoat, but I figure she's got a few more uses.

1. Does it bug you that I call you Beckles?

Not at all! I think it's a cute nickname!

2. If I were to show up on your doorstep, would your parents call the police?

Depends on the manner of your arrival, Miss Blades Mulligan ^__^

3. If the seniors were somehow all of the sudden not overly critical of your lovely work, would you think they were pod people?

You flatterer. *Grin* Well... probably. If they aren't being pretentious idiots, they have no purpose in life.

4. Why don't you make more people visit my myO?


5. If you, me, shanny and red were all to meet IRL, and you had to leave early, would you still give red money?

Yeah. I can't hug her without getting beaten, after all. I don't deal with pain very well. *Pout*

6. Are you moving to the Canadian ranch to raise ninja children with me and Shanny?

Hell yeah! When do we leave?

1. Do you believe in magic, breaking young girls' hearts?

*Sings* Oh, oh, it's magic! Ehhhh, sorry, totally irrelevant, ne? Anyways, sure, I guess I believe in magic.

2. Is one the loniest number that you ever saw?

No, one isn't lonely. It's independant!

3. Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?

Whee, rhyming! *Grin* Wow, I never noticed. I wonder if I'm Snow White.

4. Are you a smoker, a joker, a mid-night toker?

...all of the above?

5. How stupid do you think I am, asking these dumb-ass questions?

Not stupid at all. Besides, my answers were stupider. *Sticks out tongue*

Whew, that was fun. By the way, on the anime front, I've been reading the PMK manga. It's so so very depressing, but I'll talk about that later.

Dagger, anyone, have you read any of it?

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

   There is a fad going around myO...
Therefore, I shall jump right on the bandwagon. To steal a Desbreko-ism, whee.

So go ahead, kids, ask me some questions! Just any random thing you want to know. And I shall post answers to your questions below. Have fun!

I stole this concept from Molly, who stole it from Dagger, who stole it from Mimmi.

By the way, sorry about the laziness. I'm going to go visit all of your sites now.

Okay, go!

1) Do you think anyone gets freaked out when I prance around like a nancy-boy in my pretty dress?

Well, truth be told, yes. But that's because they don't understand you like we do. You look very pretty, that's all that matters ^__^

2) Would you get sad if I laughed every time someone (or just Molly, I guess lol) called you Beckles? It just sounds so funny to me... *says it out loud and laughs* It's not an insulting laugh, I swear.

Ahh, go ahead and laugh, I'm used to it! I have a handful of people who call me Beckles once or twice, but Molly is the only one who does it on a regular basis. Everyone else normally has the reaction you did. Even me, at first. *Giggle*

3) Ever have one of those dreams where you're falling down and when you wake up, you're hanging halfway out the window barely grasping onto your blanket?

Actually, I always manage to slow my fall on the trees (which somehow act as squishy trampolines) and hit the ground relatively softly, get up, and move on with my life. Thus, my dream goes on.

4) Did I mention that you're also in your pajamas, which would make the night quite cold? Unless you have very warm pajamas, that is.

Oooooh, the colder the better. Being out in 30 degree weather in your pajamas is quite an interesting feeling. Am I barefoot, too?

5) If I burst out of your closet one day juggling ten frogs while riding around on a unicycle named "Teddy Kennedy" would you be freaked out?

Maybe a little, at first. But then I'd put you in a frilly dress and force you and Teddy to join me for a cup of tea. So it's all good.
1)Do you think it's fitting for the sky to be blue? What if we could change it like we change wallpaper on a computer?

Ohhh, if I changed the sky like my computer wallpaper, we'd have a new color every month! *Laughs* But that'd be kind of cool. Not that blue isn't doing it's job well. Blue is a fine color.

2)Do you often lurk off into the night instilling fear into the hearts of people? If not fear then something else?

But of course! I am a THAT stalker, after all. But when it's not fear, it's usually puff pastries.

3)What if I did the same thing and instilled Pocky under the pillows of people instead?

Then I'd love you. Strawberry, please?

4)What's love got to do, got to do with it?

Errrr... absolutely nothin', say it again! Oh, wait, wrong song, hm? *Blushes with embarassment*

5)What's outside your window right now? ((There's bird poop on MY window right now -_-))

I can't see! It's too dark! *Fumbles and falls over*

6)Were you ever awakened by a bird flying repeatedly into your closed window?

No, I can't say I have, but one flew into my car several times. That was scary -_-

7)Why won't this gosh darn cookie come out of the vending machine!? *slams it* . . . ouchie . . .

It's possesed by Satan. Or the evil samurai spirits of yore. Okay, it's late.

8)So your favorite anime characters ((bishies)) came to life and invited you to a party, and they will all be there with their significant others. What would you do to get your MOST favorite anime character to notice you? Or would he notice you right away?

Well, I'd take Okita-san and run with him to the ends of the earth! And hope that I'm not disembowled by Hijikata-san.

9)Did I ask too many questions?

Of course not! *Hugs*


1. What is the secret to getting the good grades that you always get? O.O; I must know! *clutch*

When I figure it out, I'll let you know right away! Haha. I honestly have no idea. Let's see if I can keep it up, hm?

2. So, hypothetically, you have been invited out to dinner by Edward Elric. When you arrive at the restaurant, however, you notice Okita Souji sitting with a certain psycho hippie dragon at the next table over. What do you do? (for the record, I am still a monstrous fan of the too-cute Okita/Hijikata pairing... I just want to know if I'd be in danger of dying if I kidnapped him or something, hee...)

I grad Ed and drag him over to your table! Kind of like double-dating, only we switch off every now and then.

3. If all the different kinds of pocky in the world could duke it out in the Colosseum in ancient Rome, what kind would be the reigning champion of all time?

Why, strawberry of course. Strawberry has the power of love!

4. Following question 3, if you had to make a movie about pocky living in ancient Rome, what fun plot twists would you throw in? (personally, I bet that Strawberry cheats on her husband Almond Crunch and has a kid with Whipped Cream, who grows up to overthrow the Roman emperor, Giant Pocky the Super Snack, and a mighty revolution ensues...)

Why, Aurus! I believe we share a brain!

No really, strawberry would be my protagonist, disillusioned by the racist society he lives in, where chocolate reigns supreme and less known flavors are forced to suffer in silence. But one day, he meets a chocolate pocky named Judy, and he falls in love. Unfortunately, Judy is hit by a bus and snapped in half six minutes into her scene.

Strawberry then becomes devastated, and becomes an alcoholic. Then, to honor Judy forever, he decides to follow his true passion: dance.

5. Can you tell that my mind is on food right now?

Yes. You're making me hungry, too!

6. You are given all the money you need and a time machine. What large-scale disaster or other occurence would you stop or change?

Hmmmm. Good question. I'd stop Catcher in the Rye from being written! *Giggles* Naw, I'd have to think about that one...

1) Just for the record, which record are you speaking of when you say 'just for the record'? Or are you referring to the tape recorder at FBI's headquarters?

The police record, yup. I'm assuming they're taping the conversation, but I don't know much about police matters, haha. Or they're just trying to confuse us.

2) What would set you on fire (aside from a matchstick)?

J.D Salinger. Pretentious bastard.

3) You've just arrived to your room in a fancy hotel. What's the first thing you do?

Check out the pool right away. Then change into my bathing suit, and swim for an hour or so. I love hotel pools.

4) Would you rather do a monologue, or a play?

A play! One of my favorite parts of acting is interracting with the other characters!

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Friday, April 16, 2004

   Hot, straight, single, artsy angst-boy gram for Mongo.
We should get rid of Wednesdays. No really.

Last week on Wednesday, I got locked out of my house for about an hour. Not too long, per se, but long enough to drive me crazy. I could see my damn key through the window, after all.

And yesterday, I missed the bus home, and had to wait around for about an hour for my dad to get off work and come get me. Really, what's the point of being 16 if you can't drive?

On the other hand, got to talk to that Bryan Eason kid. I can see why so many girls squeal over him, he's pretty cute. He seemed pretty nice, too. Someone should really tell him his fangirls plan to dip him in chocolate and eat him alive. It'd be a shame to lose such a nice boy around school.

I wonder if all the straight guys at D.A get this treatment? I mean, we are notoriously known as the "gay school," and we don't exactly deny it either. Straight men are increasingly hard to come by, so when we find one, they get attacked like a piece of meat. Poor things. Their existance at D.A must be so hard.

Be I single, I may have lusted. But I am not single. So I will simply take pictures.

Speaking of D.A, going to the writer's festival this weekend. It's going to be so much fun! I'm going to bring some of my stuff, and maybe write something too. I'm taking classes on getting work published, short fiction (which I need help on!) and a class from a Pulitzer Prize Winning author dude! Should be fun!

By the way, like my new Escaflowne theme? I worked quite hard on it, and I'm rather happy with how it came out. Of course, I'm still sad I couldn't find any good pictures of Dilandau to put up. Awwww.

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Monday, April 12, 2004

   Yes, I know I am an exceedingly lazy poster. Feel free to kill me.

But while the first episode of Kyou Kara Myou (a series that Dagger recommended to me- and knowing Dagger's tastes, I'm going to enjoy it) finishes, I thought I'd post. Wow.

Anyways, this post will be split up into two parts, since I couldn't decide which topic to ramble about.

Well, I think the writer's block has finally died. Actually I can't decide whether or not it was actually writer's block, or just a complete lack of confidence in my writing.

Writing has just felt so frustrating lately. Which sucks, since it's such a big part of my life. Plus, I don't share my work anymore, because it just gets torn to shreds. There's nothing constructive in telling someone to "tear it up and throw it away," or that "your work is mediocre at best." Not to mention "cliche." Cliche is a terrible word to use; a coward's word, so to speak. When you don't tell me what's cliche and why, it just seems like you're hiding behind that oh-so-convinient word so as to get out of actually making decent edits on my paper. And the funny thing is, they don't accept the edits anyone else gives them. When my harshest editor got a negative critique from someone, she threw it away.

So, I'm going to try harder at this writing thing, rather than being so shy about it. I'll try short stories, since I've convinced myself I'm horrid at them. Well, when I finish one, will you guys look at it?

On a much lighter note, I watched all of the Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend of Kyoto story arc this weekend. And I can see why fans say it's the best part of the series. I enjoyed it very much, and it was packed with some great duel sequences, as well as some obscenely cool characters.

Speaking of obscenely cool, RK's version of Hajime Saitou rocks. I like him just as much as PMK's version of Saitou; but strangely enough, he reminds me of Hijikata! The only thing that bothered me about Saitou was... the hair. I wanted him to shampoo -_-

And did anyone notice how Shishio managed to repeat the same phrase about 16 times in each episode? "In the end, only the fittest survive in this world. If you are strong, you live. If you are weak, you die." And if you have a badass sounding catchphrase, you torture the viewers with it. One more time and I would have ended up as screwed up as Soujiro.

Speaking of Soujiro.. he's SO an Okita fanboy. Don't try to talk me out of it. Heh, he's cute, though, and a very interesting character. But still... fanboy.

The DVDs I had also had outtakes from the voice actors. It was highly amusing to hear them try to say things like "Hiten Mitsurugi," haha. But the funniest one was still Saitou saying, "It's all about the bling-bling." Totally random. But still funny.

That concludes my rambles. Have a nice day!

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Saturday, April 3, 2004


Not too much eventfulness in the life of Beck right now. I went home early from school Monday, and missed Tuesday and Wednesday. Although I'm all better now, I not only have to put up with make-up work, but the ravenously hungry feeling that my antibiotics leave me with. Anyone want to donate some cookies? *Drools*

On a happier note, I've been invited to go to J-Con in Orlando in May! It'll be my first anime convention. The only thing is, all my friends are cosplaying, so I probably should pick a costume soon and get to work on it. What would you guys suggest for a girl with red hair and rather chibi-like features? Nothing with a hard outfit, I'm horrible at sewing.

I might get an internship at the Museum of Science and History downtown! Plus I'm volunteering at one of the bigger theatres here, so maybe they'll let me try out for one of their productions? *Crosses fingers*

[anime talk]I introduced one of my otaku friends to PMK, and she loves it. She, unlike SOME people here, had no trouble accepting that Souji is a guy. Well, a lifelong Malice Mizer fan would know these things... *grin* But I lent her all my PMK data discs... and I miss them so much. *Snuggles manga scanlations* And speaking of Shinsengumi manga scanlations, the next chapter of Soshite is translated, Dagger. The pairing that they introduce will break your brain.

One more thing about the Shinsengumi: reading about their history, more specifically the way they all died, was insanely depressing.

I need to start downloading a new series. Someone recommended Gilgamesh. Has anyone seen it?[/anime talk]

Man, I need to write some more interesting posts. If anyone wants to give a suggestion, like SG with the 'Monkeys in Space' post, go right ahead. And remember, I'm on antibiotics, so make it as insane as you can.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Beck overachieves, and overacheives, and overacheives some more!
Yes yes, we all know that I like to brag about my report card grades, hehe.

TV/Film: A+
Debate: A
Psychology: A
English II Honors: A+
Latin: A
Creative Writing: A
Chemistry I Honors: A-
Algebra II Honors: B

Cumulative GPA: 3.7288

Hahahaha! *Ducks* Working until my brain broke paid off after all! Although... now my brain is broken... so I don't know if I can repeat this for the 4th quarter.

Ah, well.

Anyways, time for my weekly BitTorrent ramblings. Enjoy!

FMA 24- A great episode, in general. It resolved all those damn cliffies! WooHOO! And I can forgive Al, and even Scar now, as they both did cool things to redeem themselves. Go them! And Barry is finally gone. *Cheers like a maniac* Anyways, the series can go in about 700 different directions right now, and I can't wait to see which one!

PMK 24-It's over. I can't believe it's over! It was just SO DAMN GOOD! The last episode was so bittersweet, it actually made me cry at one point! I want box set. I need box set.

I also need the PMK OST, which I am downloading right now, but isn't even up to 10 M. Curses.

Okay, so maybe some fans of Suzu "give-me-a-hug-and-a-new-sensei" Kitamura will be a bit disappointed (even though he does have a truly disturbing scene that scared the crap out of me), but for the most part, every character was given sufficient closure. I loved how they did the ending credits too, even though they left Tatsu and Suzu out. Poor guys.

I'm hoping for a second season, even though I know that if there is a second season, it'll be filled with ANGST! Lots of heart-bleeding ANGST! Mainly because everyone in the Shinsengumi dies horrible, tragic, young deaths. Well, Shinpachi and Saitou lived up into their seventies, but no doubt they lived their lives in ANGST!

Okay, I'll stop.

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Monday, March 22, 2004

   Beck's Birthday Ramblings
*Sighs at own laziness* Yes, I once again refuse to write a coherent post. I apologize in advance! ^__^

It's my birthday! *Squeals* I'm not sure why 16 is considered such an important year (I'm thinking either the driving thing or the fact that it's such a round number) but it does feel all special. And at 3:22 PM, while I was attacking one of my guy friends for saying (jokingly) that my beloved Okita-san looked like a woman, I turned officially 16. I wouldn't have it any other way, heh.

3 shirts
1 pair of pants
Descendants of Darkness Box Set (I don't have to choose anymore! Wai!)
Edward Scissorhands
2 necklaces
And a little more to come...

Anyways, thank you all so so much for the well wishes! Unfortunately, I can't seem to write in my shoutbox, so I'll just acknowledge you here. I love you guys! *Universal hug* Thanks again for giving the warm fuzzy-ness. I appreciate it!

Special acknowledgements to Dagger, who made me the prettiest, most Souji-ful banner ever for the OB, to Shanny, who valiantly tried to get my Kenshin episode through AIM, to SG for the congratulations, to Red for the quote and the card, to Molly for chatting with me this weekend, to Aurus for the 'plushie'. And to everyone else who's reading this/stopped by to say hi, hehe.

You guys have put me in a gushy mood... you should know by now that's dangerous. I better go before I go back to the beginning of my career here at myO and start thanking from there. Red, I'll be on MSN soon, I need to shower first.

Thanks again, everyone!

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Friday, March 19, 2004

   "If you die, I'll kill you!"
The Travels of Beckles shall be continued at a later date, as I'm not feeling too well right now, plus I need to think of a way to make the rest of my trip seem exciting. For now, I'd like to have a perfectly controlled anime rant. Enjoy it!

For those of you just starting PMK, I cannot WAIT until you see episode 23! Besides ep 15 (which is pure genius) it was my favorite episode yet! The nail-biters have ended!

The reason it was sooooo good, was that it was some of the best moments of the series rolled into one episode. I was... *ahem*... very vocal while I was watching it, right Shanny? My family was probably wondering why I kept yelling things like, "Kick him, Tetsu! KICK HIM! No, no, I didn't say let him kick YOU! Oh, hell yeah! HELLLLL YEAAAHH!" Quite enjoyable really.

Not to mention a few absolutely meltworthy moments, especially one in particular with one of the most unlikely characters! And Dagger, I was thinking of you that whole time! *Wink wink, nudge nudge* The music was so pretty, too. There's this one song that was playing at the end of the episode that I just want rabidly, but I don't know the title, or even how to get it.

I cannot wait until 24 comes out, but I'm so sad it's ending! WAAAAAH!

But to keep the fans occupied until then, enjoy this little parody I found in the LiveJournal community:


*Snickers* I'm in the mood for more good anime now. I think, while I'm in the spirit, I'm going to have a good, Peace Maker/Full Metal Alchemist marathon. Not to mention doing some more Bit Torrenting.

Have a good weekend everyone! I think I'll sleep some more... *grins and falls over*

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

   The Many Travels of Beckles *WARNING: LONG POST*
Hey everyone! I'm back! I'm absolutely psyched to be back home. I feel like I can really relax now. Anyways, here's the full account of the first day of my trip, haha. It might take a few more posts to get through the whole vacation.

DAY 1:

Had to get up at 4:30 in the morning. I believe that's what they call an ungodly hour of the morning, eh? It seemed okay then, until I got to the airport that is. Then I just kind of crashed. I managed to stumble into Starbucks, and have a very... interesting conversation with the employee.

"How are you this morning, honey?"
"Uhhhhh... I need a cup of coffee... or maybe a punch in the face..."

Twas quite amusing. Then we got on the plane, which was more like a jet, or perhaps a claustrohpobia-mobile! But we had two window seats, so Keenan and I didn't have to swordfight over it, which was a relief, since I was way too tired to swordfight anyway. Plus I forgot my fencing foils.

Fencing metaphors aside, we got to Reagan Airport in Washington without much turbulence. But of course, as soon as we reach the airport, we come in too low and practically LAND in the accursed Potomac River! That would have:
1) been quite unpleasant.
2) made me late to get to NH, and pissed Lauren off.
3) ruined the leather seat/ floatation device.
4) been quite interesting for Red, Dagger, and Shanny, who all live in the area, if I'm not mistaken.

The flight was rather long and boring, but I had all 6 volumes of Demon Diary with me. So I simply enjoyed the yummiliciousness of Raenef and Eclipse, and to make a long story short, we got to NH. I didn't get any sleep on the plane, of course. I can't sleep in vehicles/public places/the daytime. But I was awake enough for the time being, and it was snowing! Kind of. It was raining, which is melted snow... okay, it was totally cheap of the air temperature to warm up like that!

After lunch at Papa Gino's, getting harassed by some old ladies sitting behind me ("Oh my God! She looks like a supermodel! Doesn't she look like a supermodel?") and some quick Lent math on my part (Friday + Catholicism + Chicken Tenders = SIN!) I got dropped off at Lauren's, and we picked her up at Salem High. That place is a prison, man! I wouldn't last long there at all. So Lauren and I hung for a bit, and then everyone got there for Lauren's 16th birthday.

Muffy, Elyse, Steph, Jackie, Sarah, Christina, Amanda and someone from Lauren's work (also named Stephanie) were all there. Twas coolness, man! It was a little awkward, as mostly all they did the whole time was complain about people, mostly people that I've known my whole life, and love to death. And most of it was stupid stuff, too. They tiraded about homosexuals, anime (which they hate with a passion), and other stuff that's a part of my life here. So I listened to them talk about their lives, but kept my mouth shut about my own. It's better that way.

But later on, when we had cake, they told me it was a joint birthday part! For me too! ^_^ I got my name on the cake, plus presents for some thoughtful people. It was very much fun... but the four hours of sleep caught up with me, and I had to go into Lauren's room and crash. But not before I made a complete fool out of myself asking Lauren if her coat was a sleeping bag... haha.

But it was pointless, because I didn't sleep well at all, and ended up waking up at 6:00 and not being able to go back to sleep... haha.

It's great to be home!

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