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Saturday, July 28, 2007

New theme!
My time: 7/27/07, 11:38pm

Yay! I hope you all like my new theme. I'm sorry if you're not a supporter of TamakiXHaruhi. TT~TT I think my new theme is pretty cute....what do you think? Be honest!

As some of you Ouran fans know, the Host Club characters (except Haruhi) all have character songs. I'd like to know--which do you like the best and which do you like the worst? These are mine, in "fave order" (1 being my most fave and 6 being my not-as-favorite):
1) Mata Ashita! (Host Club) (It makes me feel so happy yet so sad. TT____TT)
2) Bokura no Love Style (Hitachiin Twins) (WOOT I LUV THEIR VOICES!)
3) Dokidoki Wakuwaku (Honey/Hunny/Mitsukuni) (KAWAII!!!!)
4) Itsumo Soba Ni (Mori/Takashi) (It's very....soothing....somewhat.....)
5) GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE (Tamaki) (Hehe.)
6) Tsumetai Yori (Kyouya) (The fact that it's him singing makes me scared. o_o")

Well, yeah. GO OURAN! XD Well, ta~ta for now everyone!

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