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Monday, March 12, 2007

im so sad. evilcookiequeen is mad at me. i have no clue why i think it had something to do with the post but i dont no. if your reading this evilcookiequeen im so so so so soooo sorry! i hope you forgive me and if you brake up with me i hope we can still me friends. im sorry evilcookiequeen, i realy am.

well today was the state tests and it was super easy for me, but i was in group C so i only have mirelle5 from our groop. i think im in the avrage group or the take your time group, im not shure. well every one could take some kind of music thing to school to day and i brought my psp. me and mirelle5 were watching mr. and mrs. smith on my psp it was fun. and we were listing to my music to. sorry i cant go to any ones sites its geting late and my mom wants on. c'ya.


p.s. i went on the computer on my psp. i came here.
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