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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh dear...I have returned!!
Wow!!!!! Okkkk, someone needs to seriously slap me now!!! It has been way too long guys since my last post. Oooops. Well, time to fill everyone in I guess. =]

Prom is fast approaching...FRIDAY!!! I can not wait. I'll be sure to get a picture up on my myspace so you can all go look at it then! The boy and I are doing great! I still miss Disney with a burning passion....but I'll go back one day.

Finals start next week. Major stressing over some, but others are gonna be a breeze. Can't believe I'll be a senior next year...holy cow! I'm gonna run the place! Haha, yeeeaaa, ok, walk over the lowly freshman maybe. =]

Found out recently that my grandfather was acute lymphocytic leukemia....it's hitting us all pretty hard, but he's taking it in good spirits so we all have to do the same.

Sorry for the major slackage guys! I haven't even drawn in months...stupid track. Promise once this school year ends, I'll get right back to being a good otaku. Till then, fill me in on everything I've missed!


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Friday, April 13, 2007

Hey everyone, hope you've been well.

Believe me....I've been better.

Just got braces today...and I'm not really in that great a mood. My boyfriend might take me to see Blades of Glory tonite just to get my mind off of these dang metal pieces of crap.

Soooo, other than that, life has been pretty uneventful. How's everyone else??

Much love!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

   Holy Cow!!!!
It's official...I'm the worst slacker ever. But a very happy slacker at that!

Just got back from Disney....best week of my life!! Me and my friend Justin finally got together...picture on the myspace so go check that out. Pretty sure the link's under the My Website section. Site's private, so if you wanna look into it ya gotta let me know. But anyway, disney was amazing. Never knew you could find a hammock at a hotel. ;)

Track has started and play is about to get crazy!! 2 more weeks or something like that till opening nite....ahhhh!! I'm excited though. Shall be most awesome.

Well, hope you all have been doing great! Fill me in on these past few weeks!

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