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Monday, July 21, 2008

im officially a nerd

because im getting a PS3. i dont have any "new" gaming systems in my house. i only have a ps2 thats like 6 years old XP it wasnt even mine(it was my sister's). so besides that everything is normal. my brother is in Austin texas i think. he went so that he could "get away from the crap in Tacoma" buuut hes called home and he seems happy enough in texas. i think hes supposed to come back in october. i dont know tho :l

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Friday, July 18, 2008


my mom got mad at me today. it was because i told her that i wanted to see Nine Inch Nails in concert because they are coming to Seattle. sooo she wanted to hear a song by them and the only one on the CD i had(we were in the car) was Closer. so by the end she was like o__O' and then she was like "i cant beleive you listen to a song where they say that want to have sex with you like an animal." and of course me being well...me i said "nooo mom its not have sex with...its i wanna fuck you like an animal!!!" but i didnt know that she was on the phone with one of her co-workers(and friends). soo haaa i thought it was funny...the phone was on speaker too :P

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

omfg i got a car!

my brother is going to texas...and he just gave me his car. like...he gave me the keys and he gave me the papers for it. i was like WOAH! i have a black convertable now. i think its an 89 Lebaron. it proves that my brother likes me more than the other members if my family because we dont fight a lot...im not being stuck up. anyways cool i spose. :]

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

oh noes

i dyed my hair...again. but this time its yucky D: its too red. my roots are atleast. like....my hair WAS black but it faded a lot. sooo i dyed over it. but my roots were darkish so i couldnt see them very well...so i forgot they were there -__-' so i dyed over the faded black and the part that was black looks nice...but my roots are RED. the box said it would be darker -__- oh poopie.

buuut besides that im all good :]

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

ohhh my god

i hate my dad. like....i know hes "sick and has a mental illness" but now hes like...ehh. he makes us keep the house like a dump. like...my sister hates it and so do i. but shes stuck here even though shes 24 because she used drugs in high school and stuff. but now shes trying to make herself better and my dad doesnt care. like it got to the point with my dad being retarded that my sister seriously left to kill herself. and my dad DIDNT care AT ALL. like...ahh! im stressed out and wigged out right now. but atleast my sister came back home. :[

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sweeeet the internet is back

im officially poor! the internet got turned off for 2 days XP haha. im such an internet whore. i was bored as HELL when there wasnt anything to do. so i ended up going and helping my mom and dad pack stuff to take it out of my grandma's house. like we have to get rid of it all by the end of the weekend....or...by tonight. haha. the movers are coming tomorrow though. they are bring my grandma's stuff here....so that it can add to the general clutter inside my house. i swear my mom and dad dont get rid of ANYTHING. well now im gonna finish my rambling on about an uninteresting subject. byee! :]

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

painting hurts

i was stripping the paint off of a table that we were gonna paint red to go in one of the re-done rooms. well i got some of the paint stripper on my skin and it hurted D: stripping paint isnt a girl job -_-' but itll look cool once we finish it.

oh ang omg i took a picture :D
...its of me...in front of the computer :D
its here

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the darkness

i got a poster to go in the new hangout room. its the darkness...they are special. haaaa so yeah. it was like some special matted print thingie though so it was like $30...but it'll look cool in the room. im getting more posters like it later. its all for teh purpose of making the places i hang out...well..better. my mom and dad keep the house like dirty and blah but me and my sister keep the places we hang out cool. :P

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


i just watched cloverfeild. it was weird....and looked like it was expensive to make. :D anyways it was better than i thought it would be atleast(i was expecting godzilla...ness or something). ive been pretty busy lately. we're moving stuff out of my grandma's house because we couldnt afford to pay for it after she died. i swear she has SO much stuff! its taking like 74831 days to get rid of it. its all going in storage until people come to get what they want. and im moving to a different room in my house. were gonna clean out a room that we had a whole bunch of junk in and paint it and stuff. it will be my new room. and then were gonna make my old room a hang out room. which will involve re-painting and moving everything out of it. welll im done rambling soooo bye!

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Friday, July 4, 2008

haaaa wow

me and my sister just walked to the store(its 2 am)to get some chocolate chips....we wanted cookies. so it was two fat girls walking down the street(people couldnt see the chocolate chips because they were in my sister's purse) then when we were walking back from the store some drunk guy was like "holla!" out of his car window. sooo then when we were almost 1/4 of the way home and then we got driven home by one of my sister's friends that was like on meth or something :3

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