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Thursday, August 21, 2008

ahh finally! he tells the truth

my dad is a fucking retard!!! he got pissed at my brother and was seriously gonna break out my brother's window on his car (hes still visiting from texas). me and my sister were both like "DAD NO! YOU'LL GO TO JAIL! DONT FUCKING BREAK HIS WINDOW!!!" he was going to do it and my sister ran up to him and tried to take his tool thingie(a big metal thing...i dunno what it was) that he was trying to break the window with. so then like he was like "you got physical with me! im calling the police!" and yeah i guess that we did "get physical"...(trying to take the tool away and all). but then he finally said it. he said he hated us. he FINALLY admitted that he hates me, my sister and my brother. he hates his children. he says that we are all wastes of human flesh. great eh? hes a retard.

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Monday, August 18, 2008


my friend austin might become a model o__O'

like next year hes going to hollywood for 4 days in june. like hes being sponcered by disney or something. its like woahhhh...one of my best friends could be model...ey. i wonder how its all gonna turn out. hmmm....well im suprised that he could get that kinda thing. he always said he wanted to be a model tho...

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i went to the zoo

hooray for the zoo :D i went there today. it was fun. in 4 hours me and my sister managed to see everything. im tired now ;_; ohhh well thats what happens when u stay up untill 2am and decide to go to the zoo at 8 :P but still we saw EVERYTHING. i liked the hippos :D hippos r cooool. and they have funny ears ;D well. i dont have much to say about it soo bye!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

ok so i wanted cookies

like okay so me and my sister decided that we wanted some cookies riight? well her car broke down like 3 days ago. so we walked up to the store and we got our cookies and stuff. but we forgot my sister's cellphone on the checkout counter. then like the smart people we are...when we were in the parking lot we remembered it. aaaand sooo we called it a whole bunch from inside the store and no one answered. then we went outside and the guy that was behind us in line at the store was talking to a police officer(his friend had been being a dumbass and messed up his car). so the police person was there talking to them. then we went out and my sister was like "hey you! youre the one that jacked my phone!" and then she starts yelling at him. at first he tries to say that his friend left with it then he tells us that his friend thats 10 feet away has it. soo we get it back after my sister gets all pissy. and of course when we were leaving she starts yelling stuff at them. shes like "ahh dumbass punks! fucking retards!" then half way home the same guys drove past us and stopped infront of us and then they went past us again after we turned the corner. it was scury. but my sister got her phone back. sooo thats cool right? :P oh and before the scury people drove past us we found a raccoon and played with it with my laser pointer. :D

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

cherry red

so yesterday i decided to make my hair black and put cherry red in it. great idea riiight? ha...not really. my mom just decided to start flipping out about it. she says that its my head so i can do what i want with it. but you can tell that shes like "%^#&@!" and im kinda like oops. soo last night when i was in the store getting hair dye{at 1am) there were seriously these tweakers infront of me and my sister. then the guy started trying to hit on us and we were like "..." it was special. it was kinda scury tho. :P

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Thursday, July 31, 2008


add me on aim. i dont have any friendsss

and for the ppl who dont know what ball jointed dolls are...this will be the worst waste of money ever...but want iiit!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


i am above the influence bitches! bryan offered me pot and i didnt take it. im sooo good...haha maybe not. it was kinda pathetic tho because my sister and bryan(hes like my brother) were smoking pot. and we were all in my sister's room sitting on her bed. we were watching Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. i was like wft when tried to hand me the pipe and my sister was like "WTF! BRYAN?" i forget how tarded he is sometimes. -__-' buut besides that nothings new here. i might get a Moi Dix Mois CD but thats about it. $25 for a CD sheesh...im too cheap for these things...gotta save up my money for a Ball Jointed Doll and all that good stuff. :P well bye!

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Monday, July 28, 2008


i have coffee...lots of coffee. i like coffee. so my mom got me a lot. so now heres a different subject...my bother is moving to Monterey CA. but hes gonna come to washington to get some stuff he forgot here(clothes, ect...). him and his gf are going to CA. oh and more news...i might go to Ireland. for my uncle's birthday. everyone was thinking about a cruise. but my mom is afraid of water so she suggested going to Ireland. they all seemed pretty good with that. we probably wont go but atleast my mom is thinking about it. soo uhhh sweetness i spose :3

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

hes not gonna come baaack

my bother decided that hes NEVER gonna come back. he says that the main thing hes tired of is our dad. i can understand where hes coming from tho..our dad is a mental jerk that always have to have his way about things. ehh and my brother is 26 soo he doesnt have to deal with these things. my brother is moving to Monterey CA. about my dad though...i know that i make him out to be a big douche on here...and he is one...but hes still a person with feelings. even though he never considers anyones besides his...so i shouldnt be so bitchy about him. after all hes "manic depressive and paranoid." and apparently that gives him permission to be mean and hateful to everyone...or atleast thats what my mom says. i think shes too passive. no wonder he doesnt respect anyone besides himself. and he always tries to guilt trip us when we get pissed at him. ehhh...soo im gonna stop complaining now...no one likes to read stuff like this anyways :P

oh and plz dont think of me as a whiny little kid...im not whining...im just...reflecting on how some ppl i know are.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


my dog had to get surgery. he jumped off of a chair and onto a glass and the glass broke and sliced his pad :[ sooo now im staying home watching him for the next...14 days...so 2 weeks. the vet says its important that someone watches him just in case something happens. he has a little doggie cast. poor doggie. hes the most coolest dog ive ever had too X[ welll...byee!

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