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Thursday, November 20, 2008

oh wow

okay soooo today that guy i told u about wanted to kick my butt. but it was retarded because he was by himself. but like he came and tried to start a fight and i was with my friend whos like huge. hes like 6'1 and the guy is like 5'7 XDD so like he came up and tried to start something and i was with my friend so it was okay because if he had tried to fight my friend would have kicked his ass. i just wonder why he would think he would win. hes a tard -_- and i wouldnt have gotten in the fight. i dont do fights. they are stupid. and i have no idea where he thought he would get from fighting a girl.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ive come to the decision

that im kind of mean. today i said something really insulting and i dont feel bad about it at all. there is this kid in my 6th period class. he is the most annoying human being in the entire world. he tries to insult everyone and he thinks hes cool. today he called me fat...and believe me...im usually REALLY laid back but when he called me fat i finally got mad and yelled "get away from me you retarded freak! your not cool and you sound like your testicles havent even dropped!" i think i should feel bad because i said something mean....but i dont. im usually really nice but he needed to shut up and ot bug everyone. :/ he really does sound like hes in 5th grade tho.

and pllz dont judge me...i put up with him for a long time. :[

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Monday, November 17, 2008


i dont like religions! i think organized religion is stupid. in every religion there is something i disagree with. i also dont believe most of what they say in church. i know that there are people who are like "oh shes a devil child! shes a heathen!" and u know....i resent people like that. i especially resent christians. they dont need to push their beliefs on everyone in the entire world. ITS STUPID AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT CHRISTIANITY!....normal christians are fine....evangelical bitch god warriors are not. like the 3rd evangelical lady in 2 weeks tried to tell me how much of a sinner i am....guess what....i like my sin! they need to NOT BOTHER ME D:<

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Friday, November 14, 2008

thats really special

today at school was special. like theres drama in the world of some of my friends...and a girl that got kinda highly emotional and weird. she came up to me and everyone else and was like "i can see im not wanted here" and everyone got quiet. we were like "wtf was that about?" but like as bitchy as its gonna make me and my friends think...like....shes kinda annoying and moody and we didnt really like her much....but...we didnt get all bleh and try to make her leave. it was really weird....ehhhh wow.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

sad day

sooo yesterday i went to my uncle sonny's funeral. i didnt think that i was gonna be as sad as i was. i had to check myself like 3 times to make sure i didnt. i have a thing about crying in public. i just dont like it. sooo like there were just parts where i wanted to be like T__T but i didnt so it was okay. it made me remember how cool he was. me my brother and my sister were his great nieces and nephew. i saw him like 2 weeks before he died and he was fine. but he had a heart attack and when i heard i was like a babbling idiot :l so yaaaaa yesterday was kinda bleh. buuuut atleast i got to see family.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ahhh sweeeeet

i ran into a pole today at lunch. it was epic. i feel like a retard :l it wasnt an especially proud moment. other than that i had a good day. we started learning about the male reproductive organs today in health. it was so funny. i thought the people who were being immature and were like "AWWWW LOOK AT THAT MAAAAAN! THATS IN MAH PAUNTS!" and it was funny. because of how immature they were. i laugh at stupid ppl >:D not all of them tho. just the really bad ones. :P

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Monday, November 3, 2008

drunk guys hit on everyone

so last night i walked to the store to get some pens for school. and it wasnt that late. it was like 10pm. and sooo after i came out of the store there was the guy and he was like "HOLLA!" it was pretty obvious that he was drunk. just the way he like....looked and talked. I KNOW HOW TO TELL IF PPL ARE DRUNK! >=D but like seriously. im not even hot :/ and i dont even look legal D=< i tell u....guys that live in the greater tacoma area are tards. buuut on a good note i got a free cookie at the store.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween and stuff

ohhh my god. yay! im getting some new hair dye today. itll be a good day :P and like i had sooo much candy on halloween it was yummy :D we got a fogger because we are cool. yesterday i went to fright fest. the haunted houses suck and im pretty sure i saw someone i knew working in one. the rides were fun tho :]

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


hooray! happy almost halloween! my house is sooo coool this year. and i made the best pumpkin EVER! my kitty scratched my eye D: it hurts :[

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

uhhh nice

ohhh my god. my dad went to the emergency because he was constipated. he was exaggerating how bad it was. like there were people having heart attacks and coming in from car accidents....and he was constipated.

ohhh and also...i went to the doctor for my headaches....and i have migraines. the doctor said so. hooray

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