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Thursday, June 5, 2008


im going to the last band concert of the yearrrr tonight. its gonna be kinda boring...they always are. we are gonna play like a song from phantom of the opera, into the storm, and the thunderer march...yeah. tomorrow is a fun band thing though. im gonna go on a trip to Leavenworth WA. like....it takes 4 hours to get there on a bus. its a rewards field trip though and its gonna be on a charter bus. sooo thats fun i spose. my mom is gonna be one of the adults that have to be there. that means i can stay over night and not have to leave with the rest of my class :D sooo now i gotta go! concert time! :]

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


today was funny. i was in band and me and Austin started calling each other names and he called me a shit cookie...haaa....it was funny at the time! mkay? soooo like then Will came and was being mean. We started talking and i called him stupid and then he was like "well your a whoreface! but do i call u that to your face?!...yes...i do." hes a meanie face....but hes still funneh XDD and he is popular enough to be the new class president XP ...hes my onle REALLY popular friend. soooo im bored now so im gonna go! toodles :]

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

yesterday was like....awesometastic

like....i went to see a movie with my friend heather. it was funnn. like the movie (the strangers) was boring but hanging out with her was fun. then we went to her house and we went on Xbox live because we have no life. haaaaaa! sooo like we were bored so we went into random Uno games and were obnoxious and got kicked out of like every game. it was funny. then like...we watched Gummo and went to sleep. and then when we got up we made videos with her new video recorder...thing. soooo yeshhhhh im done bye!:]

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

band trippp

today i went on a field trip for band. it was special. me and my friends spent most of the time hanging out and someone started crying. i was the one who got to give her a hug and ended up with her crying into my shoulder and then my shoulder was wet. sweeet. soooo i stayed untill she stopped crying then it was all good. me and austin hung out the most tho. everyone was saying "OH BLAH BLHA BLAH R U GOING OUT???" me and austin were like nyuuuuuuu. we just hung out a lot today. sooooo today was fun and now im tired. bye! :]

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

fat white gangsters

today some fat white guy that was trying to be gangster was making fun of me at the park. i swear he looked like he weighed 400 pounds. i laughed. it was funny...and he was serious...which made it even better. sooo besides that today was kinda boring. i get to go spend time with my grandpa tomorrow. yayness! hes old and doesnt really remember me but hes awesome anywayssss. soooo i dont have much to say sooooo byeee! :]

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i fell off my chair today in 6th period. wooo! it was special because it was band and me and my friend were fighting with out clarinets (yes....i know how immature that is). sooo then after 6th period we had to go to this thing called Nav101....its like for learning what ur gonna be when u grow up. i didnt get it....i was staring at the desk for most of it. then the teacher caught my attention when they said fat people are discriminated against XD soooo now theres nothing to talk about byyyyeeee :]

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

yaaaay haha

the assembly was special. i was in a group with all of my friends and by the end of it we had decided that someone had an std and that someone isnt a virgin XDD then at lunch we talked about porn :P it was special. but liek still....the assembly came a little too late for some kids. most of it was about virginity XD sooo anyways today was gooood :]

...oh noez! my orange kitty is on my lap and its growling at my fat kitty thats laying on my feets! nyuuuu!...wait....now its okay...the fat kitty jumped down :]

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Monday, May 19, 2008

god wtf

i dont get it. im nice to people and they treat me like crap. im getting fucking tired of it. im nice to my family and they still tell me to fuck off. im nice to my friends and they fucking bitch at me. this is retarded. like people in my family have decided that taking my stuff and throwing away my things is okay. theyve also decided that its okay for my sister to hit me all the time and for my dad to bitch and yell at me every day over retarded stuff. like today he decided to called in to work even though hes FINE. i came home after school today and asked why he was at home (this was before i knew he had called in sick) and he yelled at me saying that im disrespectful and "need to not be a bitch about things" i didnt do anything! =[ and now hes complaining about CRAP! ohhh and when he called in sick he ISNT sick. he takes days off all the time because hes fat, lazy and hates his job. ohhh on a lighter note theres an assembly about sex tomorrow at school XDD haaaaa with the maturity of the people im friends with it will be....fun. :P

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

ohhh woooow

woaaah i was in a car accident....haaaaa old people that drive are scary. i think that when people hit 80 years old they should REALLY stop driving. i mean......they were going 60 miles an hour and didnt notice me and my mom untill they ran into my moms car.....it wasnt even a bad accident....it was like.....my moms mirror is broken on the passengers side....haaaa that was my side. i was like wtf. then i sat on the side of the road. this all happened when me and my mom were going to eastern washington. but like.....we were on the road....at the top of a mountain(we live in western washington and have to go over the cascade mountains to get to eastern washington)....and i was bored. because we were in the middle of no where. we had to wait for the police person from the hick town that was an hour away to get there. ahhhh it sucked. but now that i think back on it....its kinda funny because i was the one on the side that got run into but my mom was wigging out. ummm im dribbling about stuff soooo im gonna go :]

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


OMG HI! ummmm yeah. i have a band contest tomorrow. blahhhh i dont wanna go. we have to be in 1st or 2nd place to not fail ;__; that sucks. but besides that im good. oh my gosh! my fat kitty just sat on me arm...nyuuuu!...actually yay! haaaaa shes stupid and cute :P anyways alll is good in the land of morgorat sooo byeeeeeee :]

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