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Thursday, July 3, 2008


this site is getting boring. i mean no one updates and i cant talk to anyone. :l maybe im feeling this way because im in a bad mood in genral right now. im in a bad mood because my dad finally came out and admitted that he doesnt like me. he was like "blah blah blah i just dont like talking to you anymore" i was like wtf then i thought about it and it didnt suprise me that he said that because i dont think hes liked me my brother and my sister for a long time. like he always says we steal his money and stuff. my brother doesnt even live at home, my sister has a job and i dont need the 3 dollars my dad has in his wallet. ehhh poo. well byeeee.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

its hot

and my current best friend on here is taintedsanity...because shes the only one that left me a comment on my last post. :P soooo anyways i got back from camping today. it was hot as FUCK! but it was still fun. i didnt really do very much on the first day but then my brother and sister came on the second day. we found a really pretty stream when we were on a back road for logging. it was a dirt road made for trucks and stuff but we were on it in a 94 honda civic :P sooo then after a few hours they went home. then the next day i didnt do anything. on the last full day i was there it was really fun. my sister came back but this time she brought her gay friend Adrian. it was funny because we ended up going and hiking around up some dirt road that went up into the hills.(i know that sounds REALLY safe<--that was sarcasm right there). sooo we went up and there was this truck that went passed us and it was a bunch of like guys that you could tell were the guys from the country and little town and they were all like grizzly lookin and gave us funny looks because we were 2 fat chicks and a gay guy getting out of a honda civic on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. it was funny. sooo now i dont wanna right more. bye!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

ahhh camping

im going camping this week. fun stuff. i just hope that i can do the tent better than last time(anyone who has been reading these for a long time will know about it). maybe atleast it wont be going downhill or on roots..or gravel...or facing a tree...like last time. soooo anyways i will be gone for like...a week. haaaaa not that ill be missed by the like 3 people that actually read my posts tho. haha soooo byeee!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008


im officially bored and ive been cleaning the bathroom for 2 hours. im like REALLY cleaning it too. all of the drawers and such. i want moneyyyy so that i can do fun stuff. ummm.....the fat white kitty is eating some fake grass -__-' anyhow my day has been slow. bye!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


today was the last day of school. it doesnt seem like it is though. ehhh well. so like mow i gotta hang out with all of my friends. and i have to go to the dentist today. welll haaaaa this was a crappy post but oh well. bye! :]

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Monday, June 16, 2008

field trip to sprinker

soooo i went to sprinker today and hung out with Austin for most of the day. Sprinker is a recreation center. soooo me and matt were playing racket ball and i got hit like in the clavical with the ball that he served because he wasnt paying attention. it still hurts ;_; he hit me REALLY hard. buuuut the rest of the day was fun.

....tomorrow is the last day of schooool :l

well bye! :]

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

omg i cried!

tonight was the 8th grade dance. its the LAST dance for the 8th graders at my school. so like it was at night and a big deal. i danced and played ping pong XDD it was fun. but then...like at the very end they stopped playing like dance music and stuff and put on the graduation song thingie and they talked about this being the last time we were all gonna be together as a big group. then after they were done talking the dance was over and they were playing a sad song...lots of people cried. but i didnt cry. anyways there is this big hill that goes down to the street where our parents were. so i was by myself when i started going down the hill. but then i saw austin. hes one of my best friends. so we started walking down the hill together. we are going to different schools next year so we wont see each other. so then after everything that night Austin started crying. then i started crying and by the end we were both crying. atleast we werent around all of the people when we started. we were the only two people that were around. so it kinda sucked tho because someone actually saw me cry. i was like "nooo....i cant cryyy" and haaaaa it was kinda pathetic. then we hugged and i came home. anyways that was my night. sorreh it was long but im bored...kinda. ohh and sorry about what the post was about...its kinda crybabyish i guess. byeee!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

8th grade..ness!

haaa i went to the 8th grade graduation today...i didnt get ANY awards XDD i qualified for one and should have gotten it too! they forgot meee! :P sooo then i saw austin...he looked hot tonight...haha. he ACTUALLY straighened his hair and spiked the back part. his outfit was cool too. soooo then i made a new...acquaintance person... her name is soji shes kinda funny. oh and another thing! i love how the principal said that because we were graduating middle schoo we were "becoming real people". like we werent real people. the last time i checked....i wasnt fake or imaginary. ehhh oh well. sooo like ummm bye! :]

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

omg! someone was ACTUALLY honest!

okay so today i got called annoying. for the first time in 14 years someone has finally not lied and actually said something to me that wasnt sugar coated and fake. it was great! people are usually like "oh ner ner ner ur bomb and cool and awesome" and FINALLY someone was like "ur annoying sometimes"...and who would lie about that JUST to say something mean?...okay my friend Matt would...but Will was the one that said i was annoying. haaaa yes...lots of my friends sugar coat the hell out of things. i hope u guys dont think im a tard because i was happy about someone saying im annoying. hahaa...i understand my thinking....most of the time. ohhh and i drew a KH2 comic about a muffin :D it kinda suckeded tho. anywhooo i had a niceish day i spose...bye! :]

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

someone thinks me and my friend are weird :D

in leavenworth me and sandy found Gordy because he was walking around by himself. he said we are weird. i guess i can see why tho. i mean me and sandy went into a lingerie store....just to see what it was like. the lady that worked there was like "wtf?" then we went to a doll store...it was creepy...dolls are creepy. ive been creeped out by them since i was little. especialy like these old jointed porcelain dolls i found at my grandma's house that had been in a little room that no one had gone in to for like 7 years. it was in their basement. i was like wft when i found it. okay so now back to the orginal subject leavenworth was fun. and gory thinks me and sandy are weird. well thats about it.... so bye!!! :]

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