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Monday, February 25, 2008

   Is Everyone Here Make-Believe?
EASY LISTENING: You Be the Anchor that Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I'll be the Wings that Keep Your Heart in the Clouds by Mayday Parade
READ UP ON IT: Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

I start the 150 Art Theme Challenge tomorrow (I wanna start it after school, since I've got crew again). In crew today, we ran full first act, and it lasted for two hours. Smooth it did not go. At least we know what to move and when, sorta. We FINALLY got cues today. Yeah, like that's gunna work. We'll forget something tomorrow, I swear on it.

I feel like shit. Well, at least my emotions do. (I felt better being stressed and dancing backstage during crew today...)

How was everyone's day?

Love y'all

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

EASY LISTENING: Mayday Parade's CD A Lesson in Romantics
READ UP ON IT: Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison

Had the weirdest dream last night and have been picking it apart to look for..stuff.

Alright, all starts on a train thing...my whole school was in it, and suddenly the principal says something that makes me flip out and try to leave the train. So I talk five other friends to come with me. Bunny, a guy taller than me (which means he hasta be higher than 5'8"...I think) with his hair pulled back into a bun-like thing, and three others that disappear as soon as we jump out the back of the train. So Bunny, the guy, and I start walking, and the tracks turn into road, and suddenly we're in a place like Mita's neighborhood. So we go up to one house, and ask to use the phone. Some time passes and the people in the house leave (silly them...), and I decide that we have to leave as well. Bunny and the guy keep making it so hard on me. The family's animals (two goats and a cat...>< I don't know) keep getting out because Bunny left the door open. I caught them on the porch before they could get anywhere. When we finally pick up all our stuff, I have to drag Bunny and the guy outta the house (not really drag...but whatever) and I pull on the guy's hair (the bun thing, and that's how I know his hair). So when we finally leave, I see a taxi pull up to the front of the house and drop off some guy that sent my “badass evil guy” radar off the charts. Then I look across to the next lawn, where “Resting Writers Union” was written in the grass. I try to get Bunny and the guy to go in that direction, but they insist that we should keep going. So I start walking with them. Throughout the whole thing, I felt really weird vibes that Bri and the guy were in love. Then the dream broke off and I woke up.

See? Weird shit...always weird shit...


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

   My Day, Poem Style (or something like that)
READ UP ON IT: Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Things are piling up.
A blasting headache is starting up.
Rumble, rumble.
The snow covers up.
The rain washes all away.
Freeze, icy frozen fingers.
The moon eclipse spreads thick darkness.
As things pile up, pile up.

Shit is piling up in my life, in more ways than one. When I finally get to the bottom of one shit pile, another one appears. I got my period today, was bitched at, had my own happiness shoved in my face...eh, what a day...
I'm getting a headache because of all this shit. That and my computer's acting up again (when is it NOT?)
It's snowing out (pretty as hell, and this is a plus, but I still need to go to school tomorrow...I have crew after school and I actually wanna dance and paint, and anyway, I like H. Survey and Art2)
It's supposed to rain tomorrow, then freeze overnight, making it for a maybe Friday. It's interesting weather because it was bloody 70 on Monday.
Tonight is a full lunar eclipse. I ain't shittin ya.

There was my day in a nutshell. *muwah*

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