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Saturday, February 23, 2008

EASY LISTENING: Mayday Parade's CD A Lesson in Romantics
READ UP ON IT: Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison

Had the weirdest dream last night and have been picking it apart to look for..stuff.

Alright, all starts on a train thing...my whole school was in it, and suddenly the principal says something that makes me flip out and try to leave the train. So I talk five other friends to come with me. Bunny, a guy taller than me (which means he hasta be higher than 5'8"...I think) with his hair pulled back into a bun-like thing, and three others that disappear as soon as we jump out the back of the train. So Bunny, the guy, and I start walking, and the tracks turn into road, and suddenly we're in a place like Mita's neighborhood. So we go up to one house, and ask to use the phone. Some time passes and the people in the house leave (silly them...), and I decide that we have to leave as well. Bunny and the guy keep making it so hard on me. The family's animals (two goats and a cat...>< I don't know) keep getting out because Bunny left the door open. I caught them on the porch before they could get anywhere. When we finally pick up all our stuff, I have to drag Bunny and the guy outta the house (not really drag...but whatever) and I pull on the guy's hair (the bun thing, and that's how I know his hair). So when we finally leave, I see a taxi pull up to the front of the house and drop off some guy that sent my “badass evil guy” radar off the charts. Then I look across to the next lawn, where “Resting Writers Union” was written in the grass. I try to get Bunny and the guy to go in that direction, but they insist that we should keep going. So I start walking with them. Throughout the whole thing, I felt really weird vibes that Bri and the guy were in love. Then the dream broke off and I woke up.

See? Weird shit...always weird shit...


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