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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

   My Day, Poem Style (or something like that)
READ UP ON IT: Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Things are piling up.
A blasting headache is starting up.
Rumble, rumble.
The snow covers up.
The rain washes all away.
Freeze, icy frozen fingers.
The moon eclipse spreads thick darkness.
As things pile up, pile up.

Shit is piling up in my life, in more ways than one. When I finally get to the bottom of one shit pile, another one appears. I got my period today, was bitched at, had my own happiness shoved in my face...eh, what a day...
I'm getting a headache because of all this shit. That and my computer's acting up again (when is it NOT?)
It's snowing out (pretty as hell, and this is a plus, but I still need to go to school tomorrow...I have crew after school and I actually wanna dance and paint, and anyway, I like H. Survey and Art2)
It's supposed to rain tomorrow, then freeze overnight, making it for a maybe Friday. It's interesting weather because it was bloody 70 on Monday.
Tonight is a full lunar eclipse. I ain't shittin ya.

There was my day in a nutshell. *muwah*

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