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I'm Scarletta (a.k.a Leslie Potter)!
Please make yourself at home!I hope we get to be friends! Enjoy this site!
~*** Love ya!
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

SHIN-ATTACK! mistakes...happen.
It was pouring outside, and i was on the train going home...
I didn't know but Shin was following me..*stalker!* i didn't even know him then! >.<
He looked like Daisuke almost, and i thought he was and...well...i hugged him...
Hug in Rain...
I was so flushed!!(we where outside in the rain)
Of course, no one was around--my mistake!
-->maybe that's why Shin kissed me...on my SS??!! hmmm
-->next day:
school; daisuke hugged me in front of everyone...waahhh! >.< *blushing*
anime hug
I guess we're all hugging people...heehee!
neko french fries

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   Hey there!! time sure flies! ^^
hiya, dear friends!
>.< i haven't been on for like, what, five months?? here's what happened lately:
-->my birthday passed and i got a surprising kiss from the transfer student from Japan named "Shin"...who just came several months back. Daisuke was sure mad...talking about a sweet sixteen!
-->anyways, apart from my drama life, everything seems to be going well...
-->school is almost ending..only a few more weeks to go and i'm off to Japan! woo, baby! >.<
-->BLACK is the new PINK!
-->been watching korean dramas these past few weeks...nice!
-->still sleepy...
-->Ooh. Daisuke and me got bac together...he is going to Japan with me during summer vacation..i'm so happy! but Shin...is going too..*duh! because he came from there!!*
-->post later!
Anime couple

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm so sorry i haven't been on this site anymore...i'm usually on crunchyroll.com. If you want, you can catch me there!! I'm hooked on that site now-a-days!! S-O-R-R-Y!!
:) come back in a few weeks or something<

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hiya there...
Sorry i haven't been online here lately...
So stressed out and studying 24/7. Loads of homework and now i've been falling asleep with my iPod on. Argh.
Daisuke watches me in the shadows now...i wonder why?

I was on the train going home and Daisuke comes out of nowhere and sits right next to me. He was apologizing and didn't realize that i was asleep on his shoulder.(nice old days...)
Tired *yawns out of nowhere*
I really need some sleep...

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

   Maybe i should talk about myself..!
Let's see....
My favourite colours are: Red, orange, pink, yellow, green and all bright colours. =)
Hometown: London, Oxford...mostly UK. I didn't forget USA!!

Favourite books: Harry Potter, Eragon, HDM, The Princess Dairies, etc. (too long to list)

Favourite movies: HP, The Golden Compass, Eragon, The Lord Of the Rings, any drama ones...etc.

Favourite music: i have alot more of my fav. singers! I listen to asian and american music most of the time! Hannah montana,Myco,Chin, G-JR, S.H.E,The cheetah Girls, The Jonas Brothers,Andy Quach,Adam Ho, Avril Lagivne, Utada Hikaru, Tigarah, Ayumi hamasaki,Robert Thicke, Rob Thomas, Michael BubleYoko ishida,Reba,Jem,aly&aj,joss stone

Favourite sport: Mostly Tennis, volleyball

Hobbies: drawing, hanging out, spending time with my family & friends, listening to my iPod, traveling, reading in a cozy place, Playing with little kids
heehee ~***


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Saturday, January 5, 2008

I feel sick..
After the Daisuke incident, Dan has been taking care of me now.
My parents still didn't come back yet. They had a business thing. I went to school.. but i kept advoiding Daisuke now. i feel so ashamed.
Anyways, ciao!
I'll post more.. Bye!

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