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Sunday, June 8, 2008

   Hey there!! time sure flies! ^^
hiya, dear friends!
>.< i haven't been on for like, what, five months?? here's what happened lately:
-->my birthday passed and i got a surprising kiss from the transfer student from Japan named "Shin"...who just came several months back. Daisuke was sure mad...talking about a sweet sixteen!
-->anyways, apart from my drama life, everything seems to be going well...
-->school is almost ending..only a few more weeks to go and i'm off to Japan! woo, baby! >.<
-->BLACK is the new PINK!
-->been watching korean dramas these past few weeks...nice!
-->still sleepy...
-->Ooh. Daisuke and me got bac together...he is going to Japan with me during summer vacation..i'm so happy! but Shin...is going too..*duh! because he came from there!!*
-->post later!
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