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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

   Maybe i should talk about myself..!
Let's see....
My favourite colours are: Red, orange, pink, yellow, green and all bright colours. =)
Hometown: London, Oxford...mostly UK. I didn't forget USA!!

Favourite books: Harry Potter, Eragon, HDM, The Princess Dairies, etc. (too long to list)

Favourite movies: HP, The Golden Compass, Eragon, The Lord Of the Rings, any drama ones...etc.

Favourite music: i have alot more of my fav. singers! I listen to asian and american music most of the time! Hannah montana,Myco,Chin, G-JR, S.H.E,The cheetah Girls, The Jonas Brothers,Andy Quach,Adam Ho, Avril Lagivne, Utada Hikaru, Tigarah, Ayumi hamasaki,Robert Thicke, Rob Thomas, Michael BubleYoko ishida,Reba,Jem,aly&aj,joss stone

Favourite sport: Mostly Tennis, volleyball

Hobbies: drawing, hanging out, spending time with my family & friends, listening to my iPod, traveling, reading in a cozy place, Playing with little kids
heehee ~***


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