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Sunday, June 8, 2008

SHIN-ATTACK! mistakes...happen.
It was pouring outside, and i was on the train going home...
I didn't know but Shin was following me..*stalker!* i didn't even know him then! >.<
He looked like Daisuke almost, and i thought he was and...well...i hugged him...
Hug in Rain...
I was so flushed!!(we where outside in the rain)
Of course, no one was around--my mistake!
-->maybe that's why Shin kissed me...on my SS??!! hmmm
-->next day:
school; daisuke hugged me in front of everyone...waahhh! >.< *blushing*
anime hug
I guess we're all hugging people...heehee!
neko french fries

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