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welcome to goldy's page! i've been offline too much in the past couple of months, but i have returned at long last!

anyways, if you're new to the page, be free to sign the guestbook and say hi. i'd love to meet a lot of new people. :3
and if you're an old buddy, please be free to add a few comments so i'll be happy. :D i missed myotaku a lot, guys.

anyways, be free to browse the portfolio (new pics will be coming soon, don't you duckies worry) and visit a few of my good buddies. :>

and if you'd like a personal talk, be free to email or pm me! i'll be happy to chat, duckies.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

goldy's moved (for now)!
just a short little post. :> i want to say, for all you guys who are so kind to visit me and check up on my posts, i'm letting you know i've moved to my world for now. so all my updates, etc will be there! :) it's at theotaku.com/worlds/missgoldenangel.

have a great ol' day!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

   hoo man, version vibrant.
i bet i've come across a dozen bugs by now, lol. most of them are just random things that happen to my manga (it's incognito, be free to take a look if you like :3) as i'm uploading it. of course, i was expecting bugs, but i could have posted incognito before version vibrant came out. the reason i posted it now is because i wanted to see all the bugs there are having to do with mangas and report them. :> super manga sleuth!

anywhos, who else is making one of them worldy-things soon? i know tay has one, and i'm thinking about making an incognito world and a personal world soon too. :] don't they sound like fun? but don't worry, duckies, i'll also be on my good ol' myo page too, just for my good ol' friends who didn't abandon myotaku. :>

yay i'm having fun with filling up my drafts secrion in my portfolio with scanned sketches. i think i'm going to do that from now on, like putting sketches/doodles/unedited pictures in there and telling you all about the backgrounds and inspiration of the drawings, as well as a full explanation of my original characters (i won't show any spoilers for incognito) then when i put finished paintings in my art section, i'll only explain a bit like who the character is or why i drew it. sounds fun?

i'm on an uploading streeeak in the new o~ i know i used to upload art once in a lifetime, but i have lots of new art i'm putting up. the new design must be inspiring me to stuff my portfolio. :3

anyways, how have YOUR version vibrant experiences gone? i'm going to go work on "seconds to judgment" (my newest art) now, so tood-a-loo, my ducky friends!

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