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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   internet is up yay!
i'm so sorry for leaving, guys! my internet's been down since january, and i'm just now able to get back on. sincere apologies for anyone who wanted to say hi or whatnot. D:

anyways, who else is excited about the version vibrant? i am! :> i hope they make it real cool.

since my computer's been down, i also haven't been able to get the coloured entries in. if you still would like yours, be free to pm me and i'll get it to you if you like. :)

and i have 32 pages of incognito sketched out and am in the second chapter! now, to get the scanner installed on my macbook so i can get to work on the mountain of pages...:/ i'm wondering whether i should ink the pages traditionally or in the computer. >< what do you guys think?

well, i'll be gettin' to work on more pages for my manga. :D i'll do my best to start posting it in march.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

happy new year, duckies! hope your christmases went well too. :> i spent the whole holiday at my dad's awesome house playing fire emblem for the wii~ i got it for christmas, plus the bleach game and all kinds of other kewl stuff.

anyways, contest entry time is over, sadly. unless you are working on an entry at the moment and want to give it to me later, since i won't be awarding 1st place prizes and stuff. why? because i got 3 entries and only 3 entries for the contest (beautiful, beautiful work, guys!) but all three of y'all will get your coloured lineart when i can submit them this next weekend (i can't submit them on weekdays because mum only lets me use internet at home on weekends), as well as prettyful banners and icons for you (that is, unless you pm me and say you don't want them).

well, my programs are in, and the awesomely awesome new incognito will probably be up by the end of this month or when february starts (not all too soon because i have other things on my hands, like schoolwork and blegh), so yay! i'm prolly also going to need time to get used to my manga program, probably by futzing around with the first page to see what it can do.

anyways, i know i couldn't get to submitting a christmas gift for you all (because i was rushed before i left for the holiday and forgot to copy my files to my darned flash drive), but i'll just say: woot woot for '08! :> i have a feeling this year'll rock my socks.

well, methinks i should get to doing my math homework (or finish this picture of my character kronos that's half coloured), so ta-ta for now!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

*bangs head on desk*
why do i slave away in front of my computer for 3 days straight drawing the best possible picture i can and get less than 10 votes as a reward? and yet some picture of sakura as santa claus which i could doodle in an hour gets 4 times the votes i get? hmmmm?
and that is why i hate naruto, duckies. and also why i hate the art updater. i submit my art, okie dokie, it pops up half an hour later. i get a couple of votes and a comment, yadda yadda, and wait for everybody to come take a look-see. then 50 more freaking pictures flood in and drown out my hard work. mostly it's like 10 arts in a row from one person, and of course there's that flood of NARUTO art that everybody loves sososo much. > >;

anywhos, christmas break in 3 days woot woot! i also need to go get a family and consumer sciences project done by thursday. all i really need to do is go to the mall for a bit and observe toddlers at play. :3

well, i have to go to class in like a minute, so tood-a-loo for now! the bell just rang. >:E

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i've been home sick for a good 5 days now. :E ya, i have a fever and a pretty bad cough and missed school on friday. then i was sick all weekend and my mum said she'd give me the internetz for the weekend! but too bad we couldn't get the internet to work, so i sat around doing nothing and watched (or tried to watch) every interesting speck of things on tv. :p

well, since mum was nice enough to let me use paul's mac i was able to go online today. :> i spent the whole day on youtube (yes yes, it sucks but it has the most stuff) and watched the subbed versions of d.gray-man and the guyver anime and bleach. i'm actually still watching bleach atm since i'm like 40 episodes behind. @ @ and why do i like the guyver anime? really, i donno. prolly because my brother's friend wanted me to watch it and tied me to the couch with spaghetti noodles and forced me to stare at the screen. i'm just feeling strange today. (or is it this nasty cough i have and this headache?) guyver is neat, i like it. a bit over-bloody and strange, but pretty addicting once you watch it. sci-fi!

anywhos, i hope you've all been good! santa's going to give joo all coal if you do naughty things. :p and speaking of christmas, i can say some of the things in my mental christmas list i want. :3 i donno why i'm telling y'all this, but oh well.

1. bleach: shattered sword for the wii yay~
2. my sims for the wii
3. a sparkly new set of prismas and..
4. a new set of microns, both for traditional art which i miss so much~
5. my two front teeth! actually, i haven't decided what else i want...but i think i'm going to want a new brother for christmas most. :>

well, tood-a-loo, duckies! the golden eggie is signing off for now! *vanishes*

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

internet issues :/
yeah, it's like the title said. my mum took away my internetz at home about 2 weeks ago, so i've had to use different compies to go online and post to y'all. too bad i can't see my purdyful picture in my background since the school computers won't show anything from imageshack. i donno why. >x<

why did she take the internetz away from goldy? she didn't want me to become "addicted" to it, i guess. :x
my grandparents had visited for thanksgiving and i spent too much time on my compy. so she took it from me since i didn't pay them enough attention. plus she still thinks i'm glued to the computer screen, but i dun think so. :p but i'll have it back soon hopefully, no no worries, duckies. :>

anywhos, i got a macbook over the thanksgiving break, for all my arts and manga and etc. she ordered the adobe creative suite (photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, animator, etc.) for only 600 bucks instead of 1700. :p all because she's taking a college class to get a higher degree. so woot for me. :D
i also have a cool manga-making program i'll be using on my sketched incognito pages, and it allows you to make real manga. *3*

anywhos, i hope you've all been going great! i have.

and sorry about my not commenting on your posts since i came back, but i will once i'm able to go online on my own luffly comp. :>

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

back in action! :>
woot woot! goldy finally updates.
i missed you all sososososo much, and i hope you all remember me well. anyways, the portfolio will be updated soon enough, at least it will after i can get the adobe suite on my mac. :>

i made a completely renovated version of incognito and have sketched out, what, 24 pages so far? i'll still be using the same old floofy cover because i luff it. x3

so, the deadline for my colouring contest is now christmas! i have all of your entries safely tucked away in my files, and am working on them. :3 if you want to enter, pleesh check out the link in my opening to find out more.
anywhos, next post i'll be putting up a poll, just for the fun of it.

goldy is signing out for now! i'll post again as soon as i can. :D

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