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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/28/06:
I wanted to explode!!!! XD

Which Invader Zim Character Are You?

You are Gir!!!You are a psychotic robot and you have a best friend who is literally a pig. You enjoy eating, watching t.v., and dancing. You are also very popular among Invader Zim fans!
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Result Posted on 12/13/06:
Aah, I love taking surveys! :3

Name: Kirsten "Goldy"
Age: 11
Sex: Female
Birthday: Aug 23, 1995
Birthplace: Texas
Current Location: Maryland
School: Middle School
Height: 5 foot something, I forgot
Shoe Size: Er...
Eye Color: Gray-blue
Hair Color: Medium brown
Skin Type: White
Single?: Yes
Do you Smoke?: NO!!!
Do you do Drugs?: NO!!
Do you Drink?: No, but I have smelled wine before
How many pairs of shoes do you own?: 3
MCDonalds or Burger King?: McDonalds. I hate Burger King. Eww...
Pepsi or Coke?: Coke!
Favorite Sport?: Dodgeball and Volleyball
Do you Sing?: Yes, and I like my voice
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate
Do you shower daily?: Yes
Do you want to get married?: Not really
Do you want to have kids?: EW!!
Do you get sea sick?: No
Do you believe in yourself?: I'm flesh and bones, right?
Do you like thunderstorms?: Yes, they make me feel happy. I'm so weird. XD
Are you a health freak?: Not really
Do you get along with your parents?: My mom: Not totally My dad: GO DAD!
Do you play an instrument?: I played the cello for a bit then quit. Ican't play anymore! ;o;
Number of Tattoos: None
Number of Piercings: None, not even on my ears! Oh noes!
Number of CDs I own: I dunno
Style: Anime style! I am pretty weird when you get to know me
Pets: My best buddy and cat Kitty, and my crazy dog Roy
Number of Sibblings: 1, my brother. D:
What would you like to get pierced?: My ears, but I heard that it hurts
Have you ever stolen from a store?: No
Have you ever been kicked out of a store?: No
Have you ever stolen from your friends?: Maybe a pencil or something...
Have you ever beat someone up?: No. I'm not evil!
Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?: Don't have one
Have you ever turned down a dare?: Yes
Have you ever kissed a boy?: Eww...
Own a stuffed animal?: Many
What grade are you in?: 6th
Right or Left Handed?: Lefty yo! :3
Have you ever broken any bones?: No
Have you ever been stabbed/shot?: Eww...and no
Have you ever stayed up all night?: Yep! :D
Do you think your attractive?: No, the only thing I hate about myself is my looks. D:
Who is your funniest friend?: Jessica, Kim, and Taytay
Prettiest Friend?: Ur...I dunno
Weirdest Friend?: Me (I am my own friend!) and Jessica
Do you work?: I do chores!
Do you get good grades in school?: A's and a few B's! :D
Number of Past Regrets: I dunno

Result Posted on 10/08/06:
This doesn't really describe me too well. XD


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