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Saturday, March 8, 2008

   hoo man, version vibrant.
i bet i've come across a dozen bugs by now, lol. most of them are just random things that happen to my manga (it's incognito, be free to take a look if you like :3) as i'm uploading it. of course, i was expecting bugs, but i could have posted incognito before version vibrant came out. the reason i posted it now is because i wanted to see all the bugs there are having to do with mangas and report them. :> super manga sleuth!

anywhos, who else is making one of them worldy-things soon? i know tay has one, and i'm thinking about making an incognito world and a personal world soon too. :] don't they sound like fun? but don't worry, duckies, i'll also be on my good ol' myo page too, just for my good ol' friends who didn't abandon myotaku. :>

yay i'm having fun with filling up my drafts secrion in my portfolio with scanned sketches. i think i'm going to do that from now on, like putting sketches/doodles/unedited pictures in there and telling you all about the backgrounds and inspiration of the drawings, as well as a full explanation of my original characters (i won't show any spoilers for incognito) then when i put finished paintings in my art section, i'll only explain a bit like who the character is or why i drew it. sounds fun?

i'm on an uploading streeeak in the new o~ i know i used to upload art once in a lifetime, but i have lots of new art i'm putting up. the new design must be inspiring me to stuff my portfolio. :3

anyways, how have YOUR version vibrant experiences gone? i'm going to go work on "seconds to judgment" (my newest art) now, so tood-a-loo, my ducky friends!

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