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Sunday, September 24, 2006

baseball game
ok. i wasnt on the internet... not even once yesterday because i woke up at 6 in the mornin to get ready to go to a baseball game. i went to the Mets game and they won 12-6, and two guys collided and one we believe broke his leg and hit his head perfectly!!!! then. when we went to the bus to get back to my cousins college to get to her car and everyone elses, we found out we had to wait a freakin 2 hours and 30 mins for a tow truck and all. we finally got home at 8 (back at the college at 8 and we were suppose to leave at 4:30 and its an hour ride to get back to where we live). so we got rotten luck. tehn, my cousin took us to TGIFridays, and we ate, and then by the time we got home it was 10, so i watched BoBo-Bo Bo-BoBoBo and One Piece, and fell fast asleep. it was an extremly long day...
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Friday, September 22, 2006

friday and we have homework....? WTF!?
yup, its friday. the day before saturday and the last day of the school week. pleasent enough if you ask me.... or is it? yeah, this week we got the 'works' on h/w. i had math, finished it in school. i had another subject, finished it in school. i have a book report due on friday coming up, and im not even half way through the book, shame shame! i have science h/w.... holy crap! i forgot about that!!!!! :( oh well, see if i care.... why do we have h/w in the first place? it doesnt help us become 'educated people' anyway. it makes me freak out and learn how to scream my head off!!!!!!!!! *grumble grumble*
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im finally back!!!!
after not being on for 2 days (which killed me), i finally got on!!!! :) after answering 11 PMs, me Iming Valon Cra-Z, and checkin out some stuff (on other sites) and having my friend diss me, im finally relieved!!! XD oh well, if Emily hates me, shes a bitch anyway!!!! agree? well, im sleepy, i stayed in the car for over 2 hours watching FF7:AC, reading FMA manga, and KH manga. *yawns* ill only put this post up for now...
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

today in school, i asked one of my friends, Elizabeth, if she liked my friend Emily. the kid in my class, named Matthew, he said that she told him in aftercare that i was her 'ex-friend'. i was like, "wtf? since when!?!?" and i hadnt talked to her since monday. then, at the end of the day, she went to me and tapped on my shoulders. she said, "your mad at me, arent you?" well, i qwas pissed off since she couldnt confront me and tell me the story, and that she was hangin out with a girl she extremly (and i mean extremly) hates. so i said, "i was told im your ex-friend. Matt told me that in class today. is that true?" Em said, "well..." and i said, "your calling me an ex-friend cause all i did was talk about green day and anime with Alexis. you had the right if you wanted to leave or not. no one was gonna stop you. and then, i promised you id stop talking about it. and you didnt talk to me for the past few days. your calling me an ex-friend, and ive never called you one." and Emily said, "yeah but, you were talking about that stuff and it really annoyed me..." so i said, "yeah, but it was only during recess! i only talked about it for a half hour! one day, one half hour, and you had the right to leave if you wanted to leave!" and then she said nothing. i continued saying, "besides that fact, you talk about your cousins every friggen dat of your life! and your callin me an ex-friend... it should be me calling you the ex-friend! but i havent called you that once in my whole life!" and then i left. i dont know how she felt cause she i was pissed at her the whole day! now, who do you think shouldve called the other person, their 'ex-friend'? me or Emily? clearly, i think its me, only because i talked about anime and green day once, and she talks about her cousins every freakin day, and talks about the WHOLE school day. so who do you think shouldve been called the ex-friend? me or Emily?
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

if you cant dance, get off my dance floor
ahhhhhhh a day called "tusday", no, not exactly my idea of fun. its not even half way through the school week... *weeps* lets see... today in PE... i played flag football, if you know what that is. ill explain it to you if you dont understand. i also ran like ive never ran before in my life. why ant i run like that on the mile? cause... um, i hate it, thats why. and whats the point of the mile anyway? i mean, nobody runs it untill the end of the school year and all, but tis retarted. i mean, "oh look at me! i got presidental/national on all my stuff! see? see?", yeah, and what do you get? a cruddy piece of paper signed by the president. sooner or later, its gonna rip! ok, in LA class, me and a kid (whos in every single class im in) named Chris, we had a pen fight. he kept poking me, and we started a pen fight!! it was fun, and the teach didnt even know it!!!! and during my last period, everyone got their late cause a highschool came and visited and such, so i hung out in the hallway all day! lol and i think my friend Emily is mad--shes been hanging out with a girl she despises alot named Victoria, only because me and my friend Alexis was talkin bout green day and anime, so she got all pissed. then in art class my one friend was like "whos friends with Rosey? (thats me)" and Emily was like, "of course im friends with Rosey!" and she talks to me and all still, but i cant help but feel shes still upset about me and Alexis talkin even though i promised Em id never talk about it again, only on theOtaku. and, i have a feeling im gonna get detention or a run in with the principles office because we were throwing grapes aroun on the bus *snickers*, and i was crying like crazy when i came home. but my mom says it was probaly a warning because a kid who use to be on my bus named Jake actually got the math teach to sit next to him for a while even though he got yelled at by the same teach i got yelled at, so im praying tis just a warning! i hope you guys think its that too!!! i was also singing the 'Real Emotion" song for FFX-2 by Koda Kumi the whole day--and its still stuck in my head!!!! im suprised nobodies noticed i was singin it... *laughs and snickers*
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im sorry!
im sorry if your upset i dont comment your site and you always comment mine! plz forgive me! its just, by the time i get home from school (which i get home very late) and get to my soccer practice and get my h/w finished and even get lucky to study, i feel ready for bed!!! so, if im ever on theOtaku, im lucky enough to get a post or 2 up and then half the time i sleep at the computer (its like, 11:30), and my rents wake me up and tell me to go to bed. ill try and get on sooner and check out sites!!! promise!!!!
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Monday, September 18, 2006

sites new name and kybeary is still me sis! *jumps for joy*
YAYS!!!!!!!!! kybeary is still my lil sis and ive been told this is a kh/ff sanctuary so not is it known just as The World That Never Was but it is also known as Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy Sanctuary!!!! :P happy
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over reacting?
yes, i may be over reacting about kybeary not wanting to be friends with me. but wouldnt it hurt you if she didnt even PM you once after 4 days of tons of PMs i gave her??
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i got that feeling again...
yep. i got that feeling again. that same feeling kybeary doesnt wanna be friends... *sighs* she updated her site today, mean time, she didnt answer back on any PMs i gave her. she wrote to me that she thought i got murdered cause i didnt write back, but it was actually because my comp wasnt working. now, i know she has to be on. she hasnt answered back yet she made 2 new posts... whats up with that!? i think shes the one that wants to betray me... i dotn think she cares. well, if she doesnt wanna be friends, than she should tell it to my face! i mean, i want to be friends with her forever and ever, but, the thing is... why not write back to your 'onee-chan' when tyou update your site? anyone who sees this, can you please PM her and ask why? then PM me back on why. ill put up a post that says shes my friend again if she writs back and says she wants to be my friend. untill then....
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

to the exstent of being extremly bored....
yes, im bored. i may as well read some manga, play KH2, and i dunno, stuff. ok, today was like, B-O-R-I-N-G! i plan on putting some new fan art on sometime. well, im gonna check out some sites while im at it and i dont know. well, i do have a question for the world: KYBEARY YOU DIDNT GIVE ME THE HEADS UP THAT YOU WONT BE ON SO WHERE, ON EARTH, ARE YOU!?!? CASTLE OBLIVION!?!? ok, thats outta my system. i have. like. 10 trillion tests this week, and i didnt even bring home my books to study. pity pity! well, i might as well check out some fan art too. i dont know what im doing now---random things can amuse me soooooo much sometime.... wonder why...? well, PM me sometime in your/my life span sometime.

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