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Sunday, September 17, 2006

another poll (once again!!!)
GIRLS ONLY!: if you had to pick any guy from anime/manga/video games---no real life character, who would you choose? up to 3 guys only!!! so, who would it be?
Boys (choosen by the girls):

BOYS ONLY!: if you had to pick any girl from anime/manga/video games---no real life character, who would it be?
Girls (choosen by the guys):

if your gay, thats too bad!

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whos your fav hero!?
so... from FFVII and KH2, whos your fav hero?

Cloud Strife
0 vote(s)

0 vote(s)

Undecided--luv em both!
1 vote(s)

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

pizza!!!! :P
im making my own pizza for dinner! 1) i have absolutely NO IDEA how to make pizza and 2) my pizza was coming out funny so i had to make it a square... i think its called sacillion or something... lol akward much?
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fma manga
well, today i asked my mom to go to borders. i went to look for some fma manga books. at first, i saw nothing! i was like "...... no way! how could this happen to me!?!?" so, my mom found this table thing that was filled with manga, unfortunetly, the fma manga there was like, ok... it was a novel. not exactly what i was looking for... so i had to ask the guy near by and he was like, "theres a table back there before the cds and a manga row by the kids section blah, blah, blah..." i was like (in my head) "*yawns* um, hello? i was asking where i could find the book and if you knew what section it was in! not how many manga places you got you dumb dweeb!" so, i went and checked it out; the first place he told me i saw NO manga books whatsoever. i was like "wow..." so, i went over by the kids section, where i was pointed out to the manga books. i was like "WOW! I HAD NO IDEA THEY HAD 2 MANGA SECTIONS!!!!!!" and i saw the Fullmetal Alchemist manga i wanted. so, my mom wanted to spend 15-20 minutes there and we spent like, 30-50 minutes, cause i was staring at other books as well! lol like, when i first went to see if they had any fma books in, like, the volumes i wanted, i happened upon the computer and typed in 'Fullmetal Alchemist" at first and i got dvds and i was like "whoops! wrong place!" so i went to that home button thing and then typed in Fullmetal Alchemist and, um, like, found they were in store. dude.... what an akward day ive been having. and i usually finish all the manga books i got when i get home, before the day ends. its 6:15 pm, and yet, i dint even finish the first one i was reading!!! *flips out* im totally tired!!! *yawns* WOW! AKWARD MUCH!?!?
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ok, school poll. i dont wanna know what grade or school, just what stage?

elemantry school (1-5)
0 vote(s)

middle school (6-8)
4 vote(s)

high school (9-12)
3 vote(s)

(heck with you all!) college
0 vote(s)

high school... and college!
1 vote(s)

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um.... hi guys...? well, that was a good start!! lol ok, like, im bored so i put this up randomly. ok, im goin to borders to get some more manga and im putting up my fan art sometime. if you get the chance, PM me sometime in my life span. well, um... ill put up a better post later...
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thunder and lightnin
yesterday, the 2nd-to-last period before i left school, a thunder storm came into the area. well, it was pouring like hell and i was walking to my bus. my bus is usually one of the first buses there, so i went to where my bus always is, but to only find out my bus was the second-to-last bus. lol so, as i walked over to the end where the other buses where, lightinin came out of nowhere. me? walking with my friend who was telling me to put my umbrella up but i said no and started dancin in the rain (well i started dancin in the rain and tellin her no when i left the school). so, lightnin omes out of nowhere and flashes and theres this HUGE noise of thunder!!! i was screaming, "YAY!!!!!!!!!! THUNDER STORM!!!!!!!! ALRIGHT!!!!!!! IM HAPPY!!!!! THUNDER STORM!!!!!!" or something like that, and it started to down-pour again. im still dancin on my way to the bus, and as soon as i got ther i refused to go on the bus and a teach (whos also the vice-principle) yelled at me to get on the bus! PHOOEY! see if i care!!!! lol my cuz called me "the girl dancin in rain" after i IMd her and told her! :P
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Friday, September 15, 2006

hi guys! :P
sorry bout not being on a while---computer broke down. its still having sme techinacal difficulties (*please stand by...*) well, hopefully ill be able to come on alot, but if not, now you know why!!!!
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

finally done with h/w
YESSSSSSSSS!!!! *eyes burning with flames and screams* i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo damn happy it is complete!!! i was getting a headache from it!!!! and i mean, it was like misery! tnx God its done!!!
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Monday, September 11, 2006

the school by me... and it happened friday!!!
ok. i have this school that is only one block away from me, and a kid om my bus had told me that a 20 year-old man had hung himself on the gate!!! and he died! it was depression because his girlfriend broke up with him and something like that. it was in the paper!! how scary is that? and it was 11pm at night... or so they estimated it at that time. thats soooo sad... and scary if you think about it. i mean, what if you had that idea to commit suicide because someone broke up with you or something like that??
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