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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

im a Nobody
i got news for you! not only am i Soras GF, im also a Nobody!!!! XD it still doesnt mean you pplz can have Sora to yourself! nah-un! hes still mine freaks!!!!!!!!
Sora:i luv u!
me:i luv you too Sora!!!!

(kybeary, plz dont get mad at me for writing this! hes yours too!)

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hiya suckers!!!! XD
not to brag in anyones face or anything, but... I GOT DISMISSED AT 11:45 THIS MORNING!!!!! SKOOL WAS ONLY 3 HOURS LOOONG!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!! ok, thats over. i hope that doesnt get you peeps mad or anything! i was just bored! lol

that new teach i got is soooooooo BoRiNg!!! i was gonna fall asleep in class in 2 seconds!!!! *yawns* im still tired of listenin to him. and he let us out of class late, and everyone was on the bus already! tnx God i have a lil bro or else the peeps would leave without me!!! *laughs*

i have such a stupid comercial in my head... get out of my head!!!! i cant bang it against the wall or ill get a concussion! dont need that!!!

i noticed that theOtaku seems dead with no one on or anything!!!! DOES THE WHOLE UNIVERSE EVEN CARE IM ALONE!!!!???? kybeary. PM me or e-mail me plz!

damn! im BoReD! at least im not skool. dont wry, ill find something to occupy myself with! im hangin out wit Sora right now! say hi Sora!

*blushing* OMFG! i luv u Sora!!!! *hugs and kisses him* Sora...Sora....Sora... i luv him!!!! XD

Sora is soooooooo cute and... well... everything!!!! YAY SORA!!!!!! :P well, im gonna check out some fan art!!! byzzzzzzzzz for now!!!

hope you enjoy my site everyone and especially the newcomers! :P

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

hey pplz
heyy guys! i havent put up a post on a while, and im sorry im slacking on my (voting) polls. ill do those sometime soon, hopefully.

the first day of school was today. well, technically, it wasnt the first day cause i got dismissed at 11:45a
ill be getting dismissed at 11:45a from today (tuesday) till thursday. so my first real day of school is friday, where i get dismissed at 2:45p! :P

i got some wacky teachers. instead of getting that evil, dreaded, nasty mrs. collins, i did get a teach named mr. walsh, who is soooooooooooo boring. i mean, he goes on forever and ever! BoRiNg!!!!! lol

well, thats about it! laterr!!! and welcome new-comers to my site, The World That Never Was.

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

its a know-how factor
i know how to annoy my rents and how to annoy the rest of my fam-if your an ff7 fanatic and you have ff7:ac dvd, then watch it over and over (without getting yourself bored). i always watch it cause i luv it and im a ff7 fanatic and besides that the movie is soooooo freaking awesome! XD so if your like me, and you luv ff7 more than any other ff game and you have the dvd, watch it you ass!!! this is one way i annoy my rents and fam.-and the best part is i dont get bored watching it and i dont even know im annoying my fam half the time!!!! lolz i luv that dvd and everyone says i can say the movies lines by heart without even watching it! lol
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kh2 fav world poll
hello (hasnt been on in a while) this is my first poll in about 2 weeks or more. anyways, this is a poll for your fav world off of kh2 ONLY!!! all the worlds in kh are boring and really ransom.

The World That Never Was (3)

Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden (3)

Twilight Town (1)

End of the World (0)

Destiny Islands (3)

Port Royal (1)

Beasts Castle (1)

Halloween Town (2)

"fake" Twilight Town (0)

my, im such a cheater. i said it was gonna be only kh2 worlds but i added in some from kh. oh well. by the way, you can tell me ALL your fav worlds but your only allowed to vote once, so put all your fav worlds into the same comment. tnx.

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Pirate Ediqutte wiff Cap'n Johnny Depp
Cap'n Jhonny Depp: no, its not "Pirate Ediqutte wiff Cap'n Jack Sparrow"-its Johnny Depp. in other words, me!!! anyways, who has seen Pirates of the Caribbean:Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Mans Chest, both, or none? dont be shy, tell me.

Pirates of the Caribbean:Curse of the Black Pearl (0)

Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Mans Chest (0)

both (4)

none (0)

tnx for telling me *does that hand thing* ill be goin now-gotta find more rum before Elizabeth puts it on fire again!

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school is starting in 3 days so i havnt been on theOtaku for a while!!! very sorry guys! plz forgive me!!!! and by the way, is any of you havin a prob wit putting your fan art on or anything like that? when i wanna put my fan art on it says "this pg is currently offline". has that happened to any of you guys? and it says i have 1 unread PM, yet, i see NO Pm! is that happening to you guys at all? i am so mad, confused and well, i think you get the idea. so what is happening exactly? is there a glitch or something??
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

lonely and what with...?
hiya ppl. whats up? nothing bad i hope. im busy, doing nothing but watching adam sessler and morgan webb on x-play or something.

im lonely these days-no ones been writing to me. plz do if you get the chance. guess i should start checkin out some other pplz myOtaku.

also, what the hell is up with these "ive got bad news. ive died" posts lately on pplz myOtaku. ive seen... idk, 10 of them at least. is it a new fad or somthing?

its soooo dark by my place, i can hear the crickets and im literally bored out of my mind. i think ill get off theOtaku soon and watch some tv and play video games. lets see... maybe ill watch final fantasy 7: advent children like i have been for the past 7 hundred million eons. lol

i may be going over my friend tomorrow for the fun of it. 2 weeks ago we went to adventureland. if i go over, i wonder what will do...? play video games, watch movies, idk, stuff like that.

i fhave to do a request for kybeary for a pokemon she wants me to draw. i guess i better start now so, laterr!!!!!!

oh, and welcome to my site newcomers!! XD

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

kh3 description! in secret bonus ending of kh2
the Keyblade is said
to hold phenomenal power.

one legend says
its weilder saved the world,
while another says that
he wrought chaos and ruin apon it.

i must know
what this Keyblade is.

a key opens doors.
Ansem Report

Memory of Xehanort

Master of Keyblade


the last two

Keyblade War

it all began...

birth by sleep

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Re: read this
if you happen to get any letters entitled "Re: read this" or "read this" dont send 'em to me. i got 2 of them-one from kybeary and the other from Axel luver100. so please, dont send 'em to me. to me, theyre a fake, fraud, phoney. it didnt work for me, but dont dare send any to me. tnx for the cooperation!


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