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Saturday, September 9, 2006

hey guys!!! *waves hello* how have you guys been? not recently, but awhile ago, i got up after fainting. can you believe my spanish teach is gonna be working with the art teach? one sec *trying to look at all distractions and not pay attention* im trying to keep myself from fainting again. well, im glad the days gotten better and i plan on staying home the rest of the night to watch Toonami and Adult Swim on Cartoon Network to catch all my fav shows. well, i dont really know what else to put. im bored and um... goodbye for now. *waves goodbye to all my friends*
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the horror!
i just reliazed, my horrible spanish teach is also gonna be an art teach along with my other art teach!!! this is horrible!!! im gonna die! *plops on floor* (sorry, i fainted instead)
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its much better now
well, today seems to be going better than it did last night. im not getting crap from anyone and everyone doesnt seem to be in a pissed mood so im thinking today will be better than the miserable last night. last night was soooo bad i went to bed really early and put my head under the pillow and my covers on top of me.

im glad today isnt that way. everyone seems to be happy--but my mom because shes pissed off at a kid on the soccer team named Paul. he is a brat and he almost got us red-carded which means we lost the whole season... i think. but shes not mad at anyone else but him and the worst part is Pauls mom is the coach so, yeah, that made matters worse.

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Friday, September 8, 2006

if it was called bloody murder
not good. everyone seems to be gettin on my case for every lil thing i do. it seems totally unfair! unfortunetly, i dont think you guys care. and if you dont care, than how can i call you my friend? i hope you guys give me the best of luck. i seem to be gettin in everyones way, and everyone thinks they can do what they want. im gettin yelled at by my fam, and i totally missed out on a beach party i could be goin to cause they didnt inform me untill this afternoon and its tonite, and i dont have a ride, and my friend Krissy is upset and so is my friend Emily and the rest of my friends cause they said it wont be the same without me there. its goin to probaly be a looong night so i hope you guys can support me. im not in the greatest mood, so please dont get mad at me or anything that will make my case any worse. please dont. now i think my mom wont let me on the internet because i lied to her. this evening is going sooooo well. cant you notice that *speaked sarcastically* will this ever end!?
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ITS THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
ok, my daily school life today---WoW! it was sucky and random. um... i had 4 subjects for homework-math, science, social studies, and something like reading/writing/language arts. i finished it in school cause my teach was like "why not get your homework done so you wont have any during the weekend?" so i was like, heck with it! why not!?

so, anyways, im sitting here on theOtaku writing stuff down for the thrill of it all. every kid that sat around me--Anthony, Krissy, Chris, Maria, and sometimes Kristina were like "whatd you get for this problem" or "can i have the answers?" so i was like... "yeah, can you like, find em out yourself?" so, that was soooo boring, and it was my first full day of school.

im not gonna like spanish-one, our teach looks like hes "high" (if you guys know what i mean) and he is like, soooooo strict and was like "when im in the room, you look at me, and listen to me. you do not talk to your friends. you do not play with things, and you are not allowed to do anything but listen, look at me, and read or whatever and do what i say (like reading out of a book)" so i was like to my friend Elizabeth who sat right next to me, "Liz, this is NOT gonna be a good year for spanish; its gonna be a LONG year" and she totally agrees. WTF? why does he even look like he came out of a punching arena located in hell!?

so, im really glad its the weekend cause i DO NOT wanna go back!!! i mean, if you had teaches who look like they came out of a punching arena in hell and looked "high" then why would you wanna go back!? i should ask my mom about signing me up for resource during the spanish period, but resource is for, what i like to call, "dumb" people and ive never been to resource in my WHOLE life, so, yeah, i dont wanna go back!!!!!!!

pray for me and my friends for a good year!!!!! XD

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

its hot Reno the Turk!!!
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onee-chan to kybeary!!
for all you pplz who dont know what an "onee-chan" is, it means "big sister". me and kybeary are such close friends you can call us "sisters"! so kybeary, im glad were such close friends!!!! you are my first and very bestest friend on theOtaku!!!!
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hi there XD
hello guys. today was my last half day of school, which means i have a full day tomorrow *cries* so... how was everyone elses school day??

WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! actually, i wrote that for random use. so, yeah, im bored. is that anything usual?

KINGDOM HEARTS IS SOOOOOOO DAMN COOL!!!!!!!!! i luv Kingdom Hearts, its like, the best game on earth! so whats your fav? Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy? well, i think you know whats my fav!

*listening to music* i got this Naruto midi somewhere and it has some really cool music on it. so ive been listenin to it ALL day *raises a flag*

YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! ITS ALMOST THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!! i dont wanna go back to that dreaded six letter word entitled "school" but my rents said ill be free all weekend to go on theOtaku!!!! XD

um.... there was more i was gonna write. well, my best friend was IMing me one night and all of a sudden her cuz started talking to me. and she also informed me he took my name and put it in his buddy list, so i got his name and put it in my buddy list!! :P i wanna see why he talks to me so much. could it be a possibility he likes me? i have no idea, but weve only met eachother once and he talks to me alot!!!! IT DOESNT MEAN I DONT LUV SORA!!!!!! I LUV YOU SORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, i have no idea what else to write. im waiting for kybeary to e-mail me or PM me back. so i have to wait awhile--she gots h/w!!!! :( sucky-sucky h/w! H/W SHALL DIE!!!!!!!!!!! BWHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

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i was bored-random poetry that really sucks
It follows us deep within:
This is what we call the Wind.

Follow the heart,
And find the way.
And live your life,
Like no other day.

Everyone has a love,
No matter how hard is it to find.
Because love is deep within the heart,
Where it will always shine.

We have best friends,
That we may never met.
But that doesnít mean,
Theyíll never be the best friends that they can be.

Donít ever give up hope,
Even when itís hard.
Because everyone has tough times,
Wherever they are.

(i know--it sucks outloud. i thought of it, in, like, 5 seconds.)

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

special Nobody
i know Nobodies are suppose to have no feelings or a heart, but im a special type. there ARE some Nobodies that have feelings-even if they dont have a heart. and im one of them-thats why i can feel my luv for Sora and i feel emotions. just wanted to clear it with you guys.


(i know they dont have feelings than why does Axel have feelings then? thats why i have feelings-were sorta the rare type that have feelings even if we dont have a heart. anyway, i only write "thenobody" cause its fun to write. and i make things up. so technacilly, im a Somebody!!!!!)

im a Somebody that luvs Sora, ok???

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