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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

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hoi hoi!

Long time no see nya! ^^
well, I got soooooome things to say nya... I FINNALY GOT TO GO AT CHINA TOWN!!!! It had been like.. what.. a good 6 month,-if no more- since I last went there with my friends nya :p
And I also got to meet one of keki's friend, and coworker, Paoa (hope I spell it right... if not gome keki ^^') ...And guess what? the day we chose to go there... IT RAINED! >. ANd they showed me a new shop I didn't know about... THEY HAD SO MUCH OST AND J-POP ARTIST CDs!!!!!!.... heaven does exist nya looool
anyway, I got myself the new realease from YUI-can't buy my love-, that's a 2 cd thingy, but on the second one are I think, 4 or 5 clips... BUT I CAN'T WATCH IT >.<.... My computer can't read it, my ps2 either... now I have to try in my dvd player.. hope it works... it because of the language or something like that i think.... Ah man... I also got myself a new'hand'-bag... well, maybe a little to big to say 'handbag nya ^^'... But at least it'sbig enough so that I can carry my drawing book anywhere with me nya! ^^

And last friday I finally got myself a cellphone NYA!... but now I gotta go and exchange it because mine is fuck up somehow T_T'..... I HATE TECHNOLOGY!!!.... kidding nya ;p

mah, that's about it fr now... A right!
HAve any of you seen both Death Note movies nya?... Saw them yesterday... nad I was crying at the end of the last one.. won't tell you why though ^.~

well, seeya!

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