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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Allo allo! Hope you're all doing well! :3
I'll try to visit recently updated sites today.

My french class has been canceled today! W00t. Good thing the school called on time, 7 minutes later and I've been gone to wait for the bus x3

I'm just posting to selfishly promote my revamped and pwned art site >:3

If you have time to spare, please visit by clicking the banner above :D
[Edit2] Gag Dx still not working. It's the darn lytebox script... *shoots herself*[/Edit2]
[Edit] I just realize it doesn't work properly on Firefox.. must be the CSS. Gah. I'm sorry for those you uses FF. [/Edit]

I also added a new D.Gray-Man art. Feel free to have a look. It's done in openCanvas. Oh gosh, that program is bliss. I rarely use digital mediums for my drawings, but I think it came out pretty well. The coloring is very light and simple. I wanted to give the piece a innoncent and childish feel (no pun intended xD If you know the DGM series, you know what I'm talking about :P), cus Allen has a baby face xD

I was planning of having my graphic site up by the end of October. I wanted to move it to my domain (that I've won). But it's not registered yet. So, I'll just wait a week or so to get everything done and I'll reopen it on the same server.

I need to work on my entries for contest. The deadline's in a week. So I 'll be putting my other personal projets on hold and work non stop to finish them. Hahaha, I'll might even procastinate on my homeworks. Well regarless of the situation, I always do them at the last minute. I have yet to learn my lesson on procastination... I'm sure someday, it'll come bitch-slap me right on the cheek. But until then, procastinate away!

Karas: the Revelation is out!! Karas is a 6 part ova, the first 3 came out last year (I own the dvd). I've already watched up to part 5. I want the ending!!! I'll buy the sequel for sure!! The animation is a very well done hybrid of 2D and 3D aniamtion. The animation is simply stellar. The action and storyline will keep you on the edge of your seat. When I first got the 1st dvd (part 1 to 3), I watched 3 time in a row. It left me wanted more (and I didn't quite get what was happening). Everytime I watched it, I discover something new that I overlooked at first. And it really cleared some parts up. So watch it with great attention :P And it also helps that the protagonist is a complete eyecandy. Gotta love those bishies.

hahaha, anyway love you all. Have a wonderful day! And if I don't post in time. Happy early Halloween >:3

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