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First off, my nameís Martine, but most of my friends just call me Mart lol ^.~ Iím from quebec, thatís in Canada btw Ö And my first language is french, so sorry for any mistake I may make while writting my post lol ^^í and I was born on november 25th 1988Ö so this means iím now 18 ^.~

Wanna know more? PMing people is OK! Lol :p but no chain-mail PLEASE! Just friendly or helpy PMs are OK! Lool ^^
Also, if you visit, try to leave a lilí comment kudasai ^^
And donít steal my artwork >0 Ďcuse if you do iíll find youÖ wherever you areÖ. ^.~
And lastly, ENJOY YOUR STAY HERE! ^^

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

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sorry m 3 days late nya ^^'... wasn't home, so didn't have internet nya lol :p

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