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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Hoi hoi minna!!!

OMG... I feel like crying man... -_-'
*refering to last post*

So those who saw yesterday's post know that I went to montreal to get my friend right?... To put it short, I went around 6:30... and came back around 9:30 T_T'
Yeah you got it, I gotlost in montreal's traffic man.... I got myself stuck on a one way street and ended up on MONT-ROYAL!..... Wich is completely opposite to china town... where I was actually supose to go... ^^'
And when I finally FOUND china town.. OMG! I felt like crying out of pure joy hihihi ^^'
Poor kiki too U know.. poor girl had to wait for me there for like 2 hours long... ^^' gomene kikipou...
So yeah, basically... I HATE MONTREAL!!!!


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