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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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Sashiburi dane? lol ^^

so how's it going'?

YAY! SUMMER'S HERE!!!!... Well, tecnically not before june 21st... But HA! Who cares about dates ne? lol :p It's sunny, it's hot, so I say that it's summer... lol :p
Plus, I finally got the hance to try out my new tennis raquet lol .... My friedn and I weren't very good.. gimme a break here it was my first time playing lol :p But we still had fun lol ^^ and we're gonna go back this saturday.

And here in quebec, there's like only one week of college left to do! after that SUMMER VACATIONS! lol.. not that it really matter to me since i'm not going this semester lol.. But most of my friends are, and because of their schedule we don't get to see each other a lot :(

And so, since I got a lot of fre time on my hands, I made some new icons lol and a new wallpaper.. but since it's got no manga or anything like that on it, I can't really put it in my profil tingy ^^' The wallpaper paper is of Aiba Hiroki, the one playin Fuji Syuusuke from Prince of tennis in the live ction movie and he also played the part in some of tenimyu musicals lol :p He's got such a beautiful voice, and he's just so H A W T!!!! lol ^^

nad my different icons ^^

well, that's about it for today lol :p

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