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Sunday, April 22, 2007

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hey hey hey everyone!

Well, nothing much happened this week... E X C E P T! SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!!! ... lol, well, actually, spring started on march 21st... But for me it really started yesterday, with the good and S U N N Y weather lol About 20C if i' no mistaken... And I was stuck working inside all day man...crap T_T' And an other great day today.. but i'm also woking from 9:30 to 5:30.... AWWWWWWWW! >_<
Well, I just bough myself a new pair of rollerblades on friday ^^ ... Kinda really needed one lol ^^' I'll admit that a bike might have been a li' better... but well, I just prefer rollers lol :p I'm not secure on a bike for some reasons >.> .... Maybe the fact that I had a pretty bad fall when I was around 5 didn't help eother , ne?... lol ^^'
Also what's new.. OH! I got a new bed frame! lool :p I had a 2 story bed before, so it took a lot of place in my room, but now my aunt gave me a 'futton' lol much smaller... At firt I could hear my own voice ehoing in my room o.O'.... loool
And some advertissement for GODS & R A I N B O W <---- Keki just changed the layout ^^ the new one is awsome ^^ Not that the previous one wasn't.. ^^' lolll But this one got a lil' somethin mre kekish to it loool hehehe So if you havn't by now, go take a look, you'll find some great icons on this site ^^

Ok, now I really want o talk to you al about an anime that my friend keki ^^ told me about. I watched ALL 26 episodes in 2 days... yeah I know I really needa get a life >_>... But I was just so cought up in the story! >.< loool Well anyway, the manga's title s 'Bokura ga ita' ever heard of it? ^^ Wel, it's really a Shojo type, all about romantic and clunsy thingies lol. And let me tell a, i'm definitly NOT the typ a girl who usually likes those romantic things ... *for confirmation on the matter ask KEKI! lool* anyway. But THIS ONE! that's something else... Talkig about true love and life problems, love triangle, finding tru love, but not without a lot of troubble lol ^^' Well, if you wanna watch it, I suggest you go on youtube, they got it all on there lol ^^

A lil' pic of Yano and nanami ^^ principal caracters of the story ^.~

Well tha's it for now, needa get move on or i'll be late for work lool ^^'

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