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Friday, April 22, 2005

Tales of Conspiracy
Chapter 02: The journey begins

“Wow, I always thought I'd be weak... really... I never considered myself as a fighter... I guess I was wrong.. And it's the first time in my life that I'm happy to be wrong...“

The last chapter ended:
Leyla took out her short sword. “Okay, I'm ready to fight! I'm ready to revenge Ryuko!!!“
The woman started to laugh again. “You wanna defeat me?! What a laught. I am Mara, one of the five envoys of the great demon lord! You shall feel our infinite powers! DIE!“


“HA HA HA! DIE! Meteor storm!“ Mara shouted as she attacked Leyla, Judgement, Nyru and Tanner with hundreds of huge fireballs. Judgement used guardian to protect himself agains the meteors. So did Nyru. Tanner didn't, he suddenly started to shine in a glare light. “Wow!“ Leyla was imperessed as she noticed that the shining stuff were wings. “Leyla, don't get distracted! Look out!!!“ Nyru shouted. Leyla turned around and saw that a huge meteor was about to hit her. Leyla was like frozen, she didn't know what to do at all. She saw the meteor coming closer and thought: “This is the end..“ ..But then suddenly a shadow appeared in front of her and sliced the meteor into pieces. It disappeared as fast as it appeared. At this moment Mara stopped attacking for a while. “This is our chance! Let's use a unisons-attack! NOW!“ Judgement shouted. "Ok!“ Tanner replied "I'll start. Photon!“ Then Nyru attacked “Here we go, Anicent book of Magic:
Burning Phenix! Appear! Now you Leyla!“ “But I always mess up at this..“ “Just belive in yourslef you'll see it'll work..“ “O-okay.. I can do this.. I will revenge Ryuko! Take this! Air thrust!“ Leyla concentrated very hard. She knew she had to make this damned attack working.. everyone was counting on her.. and it did work, though it wasn't as strong as the attack normally should be.. but it worked. “Okay now me, Thunder blade!“ Judgement shouted. All four attacks hit Mara, and they seemed to work... at first.. “Was that really all? What a laugh...“ She stood right in front of them and didn't seemed to be hurt at all. “Hah! You wretched humans, who do you think you are? Did you really think your pathetic attacks could defeat me? ..ha ha ha.. AHAHA HA HA HA HA HAH!
...You! You're annoying me! You'll die first!“ She pointed at Judgement. “PREPARE TO DIE! GROUND DASHER!“ But at that moment, right when she started to cast the spell, the shadow from before apeared again and this time it sliced her and then landed on the ground. It was a girl sorounded by dark fog. Mara seemed to be shocked. “You again?! Why must you always get in my way?!“ Mara looked at her and then at the others. “Well, that's it for this time.. But I swear I'll come back.. This was not the last time you saw me! HAHA HA HA!“ And she dissapeart with a glaring flash of light. “What was that all about?“ Judgement wondered. “I think we should try to find out what's going on... Oh, and..“ he turned towards the girl “Thanks for helping us, that was really close.“ “Yeah, thanks. By the way, what's your name? I'm Leyla.“ “Hmpf..“ the girl said “There is no need for me to tell you my name, and I didnt ask for yours. If you would excuse me now.“ She turned around to leave, but stopped for a moment and said: “And stay out of my buissnes!“ then she went off. “Wow, that's what I call friendly.“ Tanner said. “Really???“ Leyla asked surprised. Judgement sighed “Leyla, that was sarcasm.“ “Hee hee hee!“ Nyru laughed. “W-well.. Whatever. We should try to find out what this woman called Mara wanted... And why does she look like me?“ “Perhaps she's your twin or something.“ “No, that can't be. She was much older than me.“ “Yeah, that's right...“ “So... now what?“ There was a long silence after Tanner said that. Finally Judgement said: “We should head for the Tower of Salvation. Maybe we could find something there that could help us...“
“Why the Tower of Salvation?“ Leyla asked. “Can't you remember the ancient Legend where the hero Lloyd Irving saved this world? He entered Derris Kharlan from the Tower of Salvation where he defeated Yggdrasill. That's the story. And the purple sky looks exactely like Derris Kharlan. No... It IS Derris Kharlan, I'm sure.“ “That's right. This is Derris Kharlan, no question about it.“ Tanner said. “So... we'll go there? Okay.. but I'll first head back to the village and get some stuff we could need on our journey.“ Leyla said. “Are you coming Nyru?“ “Yup.“ Nyru said, and the two girls rushed back to the village. “And you Tanner?“ Judgement asked “Will you come with us?“ “Well.. if you don't mind.“ Tanner replied. “It would be great.“ Judgement said. “Really, the girls would say that too.“ “Thanks.“ Tanner said “By the way, there's a small village called Ozisera near the Tower of Salvation. We should go there first. I guess we have to fight Mara again at the Tower of Salvation so we should spend the night at Ozisera and rest there.“ “That sounds like a good idea to me.“ Judgement agreed with Tanners surggestion, he heard about this village called Ozisera. In the old world it had another name, it was.. something like Ozette. But old world, old language. Judgement was one of the few last persons in the world that were able to understand the old language, but he never told anyone about his ability. By that time the two girls came back from the village. They carried some huge bags with them with lot's of stuff in it. “Hey! We're ready now! Let's go!“ Nyru shouted from far away. She was really excited because she could finally leave this village. She had not that much friends there. Most people didn't like her that much because they said that Book Magic is something like the Art of Black Magic. But that was not true. Leyla and Judgement knew that of course, they were her best friends. “Ancient book of Magic: Five Sylver Horses, apear!“ “Why five? We're only four.“ “The last one to carry the bags. Hi hi..“
“Okay then, let's go to Ozisera!“

oO°° ,,;;((\<<~~^^*''´´

???: “So they really think it is that easy, huh? Heh, fools! Those humans are so dump.“
Mara: “Yah, but we shouldn't underestimate them. They're not as weak as they seem.“
???: “Huh? But you told me that the only reason you couldn't defeat them was Dark.“
Mara: “Hm.. Dark.. yes, she's always getting in my way. I wonder what she wants..“
???: “So..?“
Mara: “Yes, they really were weak. But they will become very strong if we don't do anything. You know what will happen if they find out about their elemental powers, Wrath.“
Wrath: “Hmpf. Those weak humans are owners of sacred elements? Hah...
Well, I'll kill them before they'll find out, trust me.“
Mara: “..You know that I trust no one but myself.. But I still don't worry, there are three other demons if you fail. And we've still got our spy there.“
Wrath: “A spy? I thought you trust no one but yourself. Hm, anyway. That's not my buisness.
I'll leave now. There's still something I gotta do. I gotta kill some stupid humans.“
Mara: ...

heh... you have no chance... Wrath, Demon of the West..

End: Chapter 02

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Monday, March 28, 2005

   The Kratos Fan Clan
I started this on the BBS on Mizuho.
And it was really fun.
Every real Kratos fan may join the Kratos fan clan. All you have to do is adding a post to the comments in which you say that you wanna join and why^^"

wow, sounds strange what i'm writing... lol

There are currently 13 members, but i'm still searching for more:

uhm.. me..Meena; Occy; Potato; ElvenBloodx97; true zelos; Minteh; Professer Raine; DarkSyntesis; Divine Judgement; Komia; Kratos the Seraphim; angelic boy; ZelsoIsMyLover

these are not the names from the otaku. this are the names the members have at the BBS Mizuho.
just wanted to say that^^"

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

   For those, that wanna know about my fanfic...
I was really busy the last time and i will be for the next two weeks...
so, for everyone that wanted to read the next chapter of my fanfic: it will take a while...
But I descided to post the character profiles of the characters that appeared in my fanfic till now. Well, so you get the chance to know more about the characters:

Name: Judgement
Age: 16
Race: Half Elf
Weapon: Sword and Shield
Sword: Elven Sword-Wind
Shield: Elven Shield-blocks Wind, Lighting
Techs: Demon Fang, Double Demon Fang, Demonic Chaos, Fierce Demon Fang, Demonic Circle, Light Spear, Victory Light Spear, Light Spear Cannon, Sonic Thrust, Lighting Thrust, Lighting Blade, S.Lighting Blade, Super Sonic Thrust, Hurricane Thrust, Demon Spear, Beast, Raging Beast, Hunting Beast, Shining Bind, Guardian, Falcon痴 Crest
New Techs- Lv.3 Hurricane Blade, Lv.3 Plasma Blade (no need for Photon), Lv.3 Demonic Beast, Lv.3 Angel Strike, Lv.1-3 Majin-Rengoku-Satsu.(Cannot be linked)
Spells: Wind Blade, Air Blade, Air Thrust, Cyclone, Lighting, Spark Wave, Thunder Blade, Indignation, Indig. Judgement, Judgment, Divine Judgment, First Aid, Healing Wind, Atlas, Thunder Arrow, Clockstop, Fairy Circle, sacred shine
New Spells-(Area) Air Tornado,(Focused) Lighting Wind,(Advanced) Electric Blast.
Personality- too over confident, nice and caring.
Looks- Light Blue Hair, Costume like Kratos痴 Judgement uniform, Jet Boots, Has a Cruixs Crystal,

Name: Nyru Furran
Age: 13
Gender; Girl
Clouthes:Brown bereches and slightly darker boots. A simple shirt.
Aperance: Dark, greeny blue eyes. Tall for her age. Long messy brown hair. Slim.
Powers/Personality: Nyru is shunned, because posseses ancint book magic, she can make the charechters come to life, and make the pages real (If you get what I mean) She's got a loud voice, and she can be rebelious and defencive of herself and friends.

Name: Tanner
Age: 14
Gender: male
He has like dirty blond hair, looks like yggdrasil and can like summon Aska. He has a single sword like lloyds but only one. Were's clothes like Yggdrasil and has a deep voice kinda of.

I got this characters from good friends from Mizuho, and in the next chapter more will join.
and here the characters I made up by myself (none of this characters is me):

(bad guys are not included)

Name: Leyla
Age: 14 (almost 15)
Gender: female
Race: 1\4 elf; 3\4 human
She has blond hair that reaches the shoulders, and brown, almost red eyes. She's not really tall for her age. But cheerful, nice and carefree. She often helps others as good as she can.
Her problem is that she tries her best to use spells like her mother Raine, but she still needs more practice ;P

Name: Ryuko
Age: 15
Gender: male
Race: human
He has black hair and brown-green eyes. He has a normal size for his age. He is nice and helps people where he can. He's like a brother to Leyla, and he really cares for her ;)
His parents died when he was a little child, so he didn't know them...

well, i guess that's all...
i hope XD

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Tales of Conspiracy
Chapter 01: Another World

"When it all began? I don't really remember.. but I think it was this day.... This one day..
Yeah, i'm sure ... it was this cursed day..."


"Damn it! It didn't work again! What the heck am i doing wrong?!" "Hey hey, cool down Leyla. It'll work, you just need to practise a bit more. That's all." Leyla knew that Ryuko just wanted to cheer her up, but it always sounded as if he wanted to make fun of her, so she was even getting angrier. "You dont know anything about that! My mother was a halfelf and a grand healer. So, I should be able to cast at least such a ridiculous and easy spell like that! But I'm not.." Leyla sat down on a rock and looked up into the wide, blue sky. "It was twenty years ago when my mom and her friends reunited the world..." "I'm really jealous in that point. It is sooo cool that your mom was a friend of the great hero Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel!", Ryuko exclaimed. "Yah.. I wish I would have been like her... or like Colette. She was an awesome person..", Leyla sayed that as she got up. She watched the clouds as they passed by. "Well," Ryuko began, "I think you're an awesome person." But Leyla didn't listen, she just looked up in the sky.
Suddenly all the birds disappeared and the sky turned purple. "What the ..?" Leyla sayed to herself.
"Hey, are you ignorin...." Ryuko asked but he couldn't finish because a horrible earthquake shaked the ground. The houses of the village collapsed and the trees uprooted. " Leyla, are you okay?!" Ryuko shouted. Leyla was ok, but she seemed to be shoked. She pointed at the purple sky. "It is coming..." she wispered. "What?! I couldn't understand!... Are you ok?!"
Now Leyla shouted: "The sky! The sky is coming towards us!!" Now, Ryuko looked up too: " Oh, shit!... RUN!" They started to run. But suddenly both stopped. "We can't run away from the sky... that's impossible.." "The houses of the village are collapsing.. We have to get the people out..."
"Okay", Leyla suggested," You'll go to the houses outside the village and i'll try to find the Chief, k?" "Yeah, i got it" Ryuko ran as fast as he could to the houses outside the village. And then, all out of a sudden the sky stopped to move. What was happening, Ryuko thought. He stopped running and looked at the purple sky. Why did it stop? Suddenly everything was dark and a ray came out of the purple sky. It was as if a gate into another world opened.
The light turned into a person and stood right in front of Ryuko now. The person in front of him was still shining and he couldn't see anything. He closed his eyes because it was so glaring. He didn't know that he made a huge mistake... a mistake he could never make again..

oO°° ,,;;((\<<~~^^*''´´

"What was that light?" Leyla thought when she saw the ray coming out of the sky. She managed to save all the people in the inside village. She started to run cause she had a very bad feeling when she saw the light. "Hey Leyla! What are you doing? Didn't you see that light? It's dangerous to go there.." "Yeah, Nyru is right.. you shouldn't go there." Leyla stopped and turned around, it was Nyru and Judgement, very good friends of her that had helped her to save the people of the village. "I know!", Leyla replied, "But Ryuko went there to save the people outside the village! I need to know if everything's allright!" She turned around and ran away. "No, wait! It's too dangerous!" Nyru and Judgement shouted. "It won't help. She's not gonna listen anyway.." Nyru said. "So, what are we gonna do now?" Judgement asked. "Follow her, what else?" Nyru said. She took out one of her books, and wispered a spell chant. The book started to glare and a tall white horses appeard. "Wow, your ancient book magic is really awesome." Judgement sayed impressed. "Heh, thanks. Okay, now let's go! We gotta find Leyla."

oO°° ,,;;((\<<~~^^*''´´

When Leyla arrived at the outside village, she just found endless planes of destruction. "What happened here? Where's Ryuko?" she thought. She walked around to look for him, but she couldn't find him. She just saw burning houses and dead bodies everywhere. At least Leyla started to call for him, but he didn't answer.
???: "Stop shouting. The person you're looking for will never answer.."
Leyla turnes around: "Who's there?!"
???: "The person that you're looking for is dead"
Leyla:"What?! That's not true! I don't belive you! I don't even know who you are!"
???: "Why should I tell you who i am?"
Leyla:"Cause I'm asking.."
???:"... fine.. my name is Tanner, but what do you care?"
Leyla: "I do not care."
Tanner: ...
Leyla turned around to look for Ryuko again. "Look out!!" Tanner shouted all out of a sudden. Leyla jumped aside and a huge fireball hit the ground next to her and exploded. " Ha ha ha! Did you like my little fire work?" a strange voice sayed. "Who the hell are you?!" Leyla shouted, "did you kill all those people?!" She couldn't see the owner of the strange voice at first because of the smoke caused by the explosion. "He he, yah. I killed all those people, but don't you wanna see my face before you accuse me for anything?" The smoke vanished and Leyla could see her opponent's face. But at the same moment she saw herself, because this woman, standing in front of her, was exactely looking like her. The only thing Leyla could say was: "What the ...?"
"Okay, enough now!" Tanner sayed, "What kind of demon are you?" "Demon? Ha ha ha! Don't make me laught." the woman just sayed. Leyla got up she didn't seemed to be shoked anymore, rather angry: "You! You..! You killed all those people and are still laughing?! I'll never forgive you!!" The women seemed to be amused: "Ha ha ha! Come on, try to fight me, as this stupid human did!" "Stupid human?" Leyla was shoked. She immediately knew who the woman was talking about. "Ryuko! Where is he?!" "Oh, so you knew him.." the strange woman sayed. "Don't worry you'll meet with him soon.. In hell!!" Again she casted a huge fire ball and shot it at Leyla.
Strange woman: "DIE! Explosion!"
Judgement jumps in front of Leyla: "Guardian!"
Nyru: "Ancient book of Magic: Shining White Dragon! Appear!"
The dargon Nyru summoned attacked the strange woman with a strong attack, but missed.
Leyla: "Everyone! Why are you all here?"
Nyru: "Heh, guess why."
Judgement: "We wanna save our friend."
Leyla:"Th.. thanks..."
Leyla took out her short sword. "Okay, I'm ready to fight! I'm ready to revenge Ryuko!!!"
The woman started to laugh again. "You wanna defeat me?! What a laught. I am Mara, one of the five envoys of the great demon lord! You shall feel our infinite powers! DIE!"

End: Chapter 01

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   Fanfic! Fanfic!
Yay, i finally did the first chapter of my own fanfic. It just needs to be corrected here and there, but i'm really proud. I'm gonna add it here as fast as i can! So, you'd better get ready for:

Tales of Conspiracy

(i know.. stupid name XD )

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Monday, February 21, 2005

   YAY! Piano!
I really enjoy playing the piano, so i tried to play some tales of symphonia tunes on the piano. I already did Kratos' theme few days ago, and today i managed to play Lloyd's theme. i think i'm gonna play them on my violin too, but first i'll try some more on the piano.
cause i really love playing the piano.
he he...
it's piano time! XD

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