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Monday, March 28, 2005

   The Kratos Fan Clan
I started this on the BBS on Mizuho.
And it was really fun.
Every real Kratos fan may join the Kratos fan clan. All you have to do is adding a post to the comments in which you say that you wanna join and why^^"

wow, sounds strange what i'm writing... lol

There are currently 13 members, but i'm still searching for more:

uhm.. me..Meena; Occy; Potato; ElvenBloodx97; true zelos; Minteh; Professer Raine; DarkSyntesis; Divine Judgement; Komia; Kratos the Seraphim; angelic boy; ZelsoIsMyLover

these are not the names from the otaku. this are the names the members have at the BBS Mizuho.
just wanted to say that^^"

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