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Hi everyone and welcome to my site,
First I've got to tell you that I'm from Germany, so please excuse my English. I love video games and my favorite ones are Tales of Symphonia, Zelda and Baten Kaitos. I also like metal music.
uhm.. well,please enjoy your stay^^"
I hope you'll like my site.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

no one's reading my posts........ :( *sob*
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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   last test done
i just got back from school and with this day the last test for this year's done. I feel happy right now.. opposite to yesterday... today was fun: we were alowed to go home earlier and the test was really easy, well I at least have a good feeling about it. me and my friends talked to some other punks from our school. they were really nice and funny and we were messin' around and stuff. we've never talked to them before because they're older, but as i said they were really nice.
anyway, I noticed that there are not often comments on my posts, perhaps it's because I wasn't posting very often (I'm gonna change that now^^)
and I'm very sorry for that. and if my posts are boring or something please tell me..


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Monday, July 4, 2005

   *sighs* school can be a real pain...
It's not because of the teachers, a lot of tests or a bad mark..
Well, there's a kinda war in our school. Because of the music we like. Me and my friends really like metal as I said once. And there're some more 'punks' on my school. But we're the minorety. And the others, that listen rap and pop and that stuff always say: "Come on, you stupid punks, piss off! We don't wanna have you freaks here!"
I hope there will be no missunderstanding now. I don't dislike people that listen to that music and i don't say that they are generally like that. I know some, and they are really wonderfull people. But the most of them in my school are really mean. Well, but we always shout back and call them names when they say stuff like that (well, who wouldn't fight back? I mean you still got your honor)
So, it gets even worse. I wonder if I'll ever be able to get out of that.. what ever, I got my last test for this year tomorrow.
please wish me luck..

PS: Here's a pic from my fav band: Machine Head

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   phew.. a long time ago it was...
..since i posted the last time.
well i was quite busy with school stuff and other things the last time and i noticed that i can't write everything about ToS here. I like that game really much, but I wasn't able to play lately. Well, and also my interests change in a while. For example I'm more intrested in music than ever, expecially in metal. It Rocks! Machine Head, System of a Down, As I Lay Dying and other cool bands XD
Well, anyway.. i can't write that much now. got an english test tomorrow. and it's really late over here now. Well, i'll try to update soon, and play more ToS again.. oh yes and of course I'll go n with my fanfic^.~
wish me luck tomorrow

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