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Friday, March 11, 2005

Tales of Conspiracy
Chapter 01: Another World

"When it all began? I don't really remember.. but I think it was this day.... This one day..
Yeah, i'm sure ... it was this cursed day..."


"Damn it! It didn't work again! What the heck am i doing wrong?!" "Hey hey, cool down Leyla. It'll work, you just need to practise a bit more. That's all." Leyla knew that Ryuko just wanted to cheer her up, but it always sounded as if he wanted to make fun of her, so she was even getting angrier. "You dont know anything about that! My mother was a halfelf and a grand healer. So, I should be able to cast at least such a ridiculous and easy spell like that! But I'm not.." Leyla sat down on a rock and looked up into the wide, blue sky. "It was twenty years ago when my mom and her friends reunited the world..." "I'm really jealous in that point. It is sooo cool that your mom was a friend of the great hero Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel!", Ryuko exclaimed. "Yah.. I wish I would have been like her... or like Colette. She was an awesome person..", Leyla sayed that as she got up. She watched the clouds as they passed by. "Well," Ryuko began, "I think you're an awesome person." But Leyla didn't listen, she just looked up in the sky.
Suddenly all the birds disappeared and the sky turned purple. "What the ..?" Leyla sayed to herself.
"Hey, are you ignorin...." Ryuko asked but he couldn't finish because a horrible earthquake shaked the ground. The houses of the village collapsed and the trees uprooted. " Leyla, are you okay?!" Ryuko shouted. Leyla was ok, but she seemed to be shoked. She pointed at the purple sky. "It is coming..." she wispered. "What?! I couldn't understand!... Are you ok?!"
Now Leyla shouted: "The sky! The sky is coming towards us!!" Now, Ryuko looked up too: " Oh, shit!... RUN!" They started to run. But suddenly both stopped. "We can't run away from the sky... that's impossible.." "The houses of the village are collapsing.. We have to get the people out..."
"Okay", Leyla suggested," You'll go to the houses outside the village and i'll try to find the Chief, k?" "Yeah, i got it" Ryuko ran as fast as he could to the houses outside the village. And then, all out of a sudden the sky stopped to move. What was happening, Ryuko thought. He stopped running and looked at the purple sky. Why did it stop? Suddenly everything was dark and a ray came out of the purple sky. It was as if a gate into another world opened.
The light turned into a person and stood right in front of Ryuko now. The person in front of him was still shining and he couldn't see anything. He closed his eyes because it was so glaring. He didn't know that he made a huge mistake... a mistake he could never make again..

oO°° ,,;;((\<<~~^^*''´´

"What was that light?" Leyla thought when she saw the ray coming out of the sky. She managed to save all the people in the inside village. She started to run cause she had a very bad feeling when she saw the light. "Hey Leyla! What are you doing? Didn't you see that light? It's dangerous to go there.." "Yeah, Nyru is right.. you shouldn't go there." Leyla stopped and turned around, it was Nyru and Judgement, very good friends of her that had helped her to save the people of the village. "I know!", Leyla replied, "But Ryuko went there to save the people outside the village! I need to know if everything's allright!" She turned around and ran away. "No, wait! It's too dangerous!" Nyru and Judgement shouted. "It won't help. She's not gonna listen anyway.." Nyru said. "So, what are we gonna do now?" Judgement asked. "Follow her, what else?" Nyru said. She took out one of her books, and wispered a spell chant. The book started to glare and a tall white horses appeard. "Wow, your ancient book magic is really awesome." Judgement sayed impressed. "Heh, thanks. Okay, now let's go! We gotta find Leyla."

oO°° ,,;;((\<<~~^^*''´´

When Leyla arrived at the outside village, she just found endless planes of destruction. "What happened here? Where's Ryuko?" she thought. She walked around to look for him, but she couldn't find him. She just saw burning houses and dead bodies everywhere. At least Leyla started to call for him, but he didn't answer.
???: "Stop shouting. The person you're looking for will never answer.."
Leyla turnes around: "Who's there?!"
???: "The person that you're looking for is dead"
Leyla:"What?! That's not true! I don't belive you! I don't even know who you are!"
???: "Why should I tell you who i am?"
Leyla:"Cause I'm asking.."
???:"... fine.. my name is Tanner, but what do you care?"
Leyla: "I do not care."
Tanner: ...
Leyla turned around to look for Ryuko again. "Look out!!" Tanner shouted all out of a sudden. Leyla jumped aside and a huge fireball hit the ground next to her and exploded. " Ha ha ha! Did you like my little fire work?" a strange voice sayed. "Who the hell are you?!" Leyla shouted, "did you kill all those people?!" She couldn't see the owner of the strange voice at first because of the smoke caused by the explosion. "He he, yah. I killed all those people, but don't you wanna see my face before you accuse me for anything?" The smoke vanished and Leyla could see her opponent's face. But at the same moment she saw herself, because this woman, standing in front of her, was exactely looking like her. The only thing Leyla could say was: "What the ...?"
"Okay, enough now!" Tanner sayed, "What kind of demon are you?" "Demon? Ha ha ha! Don't make me laught." the woman just sayed. Leyla got up she didn't seemed to be shoked anymore, rather angry: "You! You..! You killed all those people and are still laughing?! I'll never forgive you!!" The women seemed to be amused: "Ha ha ha! Come on, try to fight me, as this stupid human did!" "Stupid human?" Leyla was shoked. She immediately knew who the woman was talking about. "Ryuko! Where is he?!" "Oh, so you knew him.." the strange woman sayed. "Don't worry you'll meet with him soon.. In hell!!" Again she casted a huge fire ball and shot it at Leyla.
Strange woman: "DIE! Explosion!"
Judgement jumps in front of Leyla: "Guardian!"
Nyru: "Ancient book of Magic: Shining White Dragon! Appear!"
The dargon Nyru summoned attacked the strange woman with a strong attack, but missed.
Leyla: "Everyone! Why are you all here?"
Nyru: "Heh, guess why."
Judgement: "We wanna save our friend."
Leyla:"Th.. thanks..."
Leyla took out her short sword. "Okay, I'm ready to fight! I'm ready to revenge Ryuko!!!"
The woman started to laugh again. "You wanna defeat me?! What a laught. I am Mara, one of the five envoys of the great demon lord! You shall feel our infinite powers! DIE!"

End: Chapter 01

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