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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

   For those, that wanna know about my fanfic...
I was really busy the last time and i will be for the next two weeks...
so, for everyone that wanted to read the next chapter of my fanfic: it will take a while...
But I descided to post the character profiles of the characters that appeared in my fanfic till now. Well, so you get the chance to know more about the characters:

Name: Judgement
Age: 16
Race: Half Elf
Weapon: Sword and Shield
Sword: Elven Sword-Wind
Shield: Elven Shield-blocks Wind, Lighting
Techs: Demon Fang, Double Demon Fang, Demonic Chaos, Fierce Demon Fang, Demonic Circle, Light Spear, Victory Light Spear, Light Spear Cannon, Sonic Thrust, Lighting Thrust, Lighting Blade, S.Lighting Blade, Super Sonic Thrust, Hurricane Thrust, Demon Spear, Beast, Raging Beast, Hunting Beast, Shining Bind, Guardian, Falcon痴 Crest
New Techs- Lv.3 Hurricane Blade, Lv.3 Plasma Blade (no need for Photon), Lv.3 Demonic Beast, Lv.3 Angel Strike, Lv.1-3 Majin-Rengoku-Satsu.(Cannot be linked)
Spells: Wind Blade, Air Blade, Air Thrust, Cyclone, Lighting, Spark Wave, Thunder Blade, Indignation, Indig. Judgement, Judgment, Divine Judgment, First Aid, Healing Wind, Atlas, Thunder Arrow, Clockstop, Fairy Circle, sacred shine
New Spells-(Area) Air Tornado,(Focused) Lighting Wind,(Advanced) Electric Blast.
Personality- too over confident, nice and caring.
Looks- Light Blue Hair, Costume like Kratos痴 Judgement uniform, Jet Boots, Has a Cruixs Crystal,

Name: Nyru Furran
Age: 13
Gender; Girl
Clouthes:Brown bereches and slightly darker boots. A simple shirt.
Aperance: Dark, greeny blue eyes. Tall for her age. Long messy brown hair. Slim.
Powers/Personality: Nyru is shunned, because posseses ancint book magic, she can make the charechters come to life, and make the pages real (If you get what I mean) She's got a loud voice, and she can be rebelious and defencive of herself and friends.

Name: Tanner
Age: 14
Gender: male
He has like dirty blond hair, looks like yggdrasil and can like summon Aska. He has a single sword like lloyds but only one. Were's clothes like Yggdrasil and has a deep voice kinda of.

I got this characters from good friends from Mizuho, and in the next chapter more will join.
and here the characters I made up by myself (none of this characters is me):

(bad guys are not included)

Name: Leyla
Age: 14 (almost 15)
Gender: female
Race: 1\4 elf; 3\4 human
She has blond hair that reaches the shoulders, and brown, almost red eyes. She's not really tall for her age. But cheerful, nice and carefree. She often helps others as good as she can.
Her problem is that she tries her best to use spells like her mother Raine, but she still needs more practice ;P

Name: Ryuko
Age: 15
Gender: male
Race: human
He has black hair and brown-green eyes. He has a normal size for his age. He is nice and helps people where he can. He's like a brother to Leyla, and he really cares for her ;)
His parents died when he was a little child, so he didn't know them...

well, i guess that's all...
i hope XD

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