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Saturday, May 28, 2005

   Ah...*drinks tropical fruit juice with little unbrella in glass*
Ah...my site is so cool now. I got my post GFX done yesterday and I love how it turned out. I even got the little scroll bar to match my post. ^^ I am very excited about this contest and can't wait to get everything done which will be soon. I found it better to set up a theme over a few days instead all at one. It give me more time to work on everything and make it perfect.

Yay for Dark Mousy and my new theme!


Bakura: *Grabs fruit juice.* I want some!

YMarik: *runs down street with lite teki tourch.* MWAAHAHAHA!!!!!

Marik: Oh-no. He's at it again!

Bakura: *trips YMarik* Not anymore. *sips fruit juice.*


YMarik: It is not funny! I shall send you all to the shadow realm! MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!

Me: .....

Bakura: Whatever. Send yourself to the shadow realm so I can have your Mill. Rod.

Marik: Hey! That is my Mill. Rod too you know. You just can't take it.

Bakura: Can too.

Marik: What makes you think so?

Bakura: Because I am a thief and everyone loves me.

YMarik: ....

Marik: Yeah, but Maki had her MyO user name after me.

Bakura: So? She RP's as me in most of the YGO RPs.

Marik: *growns angry* You wanna take this out side?

Bakura: Alright! I will send you soul to the shadow realm!

Ymarik: I will send you all to the shadow realm! MWAHAHAH!!!

Me; ....

* Typeing more so scroll bar will show up.*

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