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Sunday, January 16, 2005

   Saiyuki Crazy!
You think Yu-gi-oh has some hot bishies, well, Saiyuki is full of then. I have been going Saiyuki crazy since I say the extended trailer of the Saiyuki movie, Saiyuki: Requiem. Newstype USA said that the Saiyuki series had good ratings from female fans for itís bishieness. Dang! We have four hott guys kicking demon butt and looking good doing it! So to share the bishieness with the rest of you, I have pictures! Vote on which one you think is cuter. XD

Ok, the characters.

The Grumpy looking blond is Sanzo
The Guy with the purplish hair (it is only purple in the series, it is really red as shown in the movie) Is Gojyo.
The layback looking guy with the glasses is Hakki.
And last but not least, the kid throwing the leaves is Goku.

I am like Sanzo and Gojyo most myself but Hakki and is pretty hott and Goku lookes cute when he is a demon. :P It is funny that Sanzo is the only full blooded human in the group. He is a priest who smokes, drinks and has a gun. Lol!

I think that this is Hakki as a demon, Iím not sure. He is hott anyways.

^^^^^^ Demon Goku. Very nice.

Again, I donít know if this is Gojyo as a demon or not, but since it looks a lot like him, letís just say it is.

Sexy Boys! XD

Saiyuki: Requiem comes out on January 18th (well, I think so. I packed all my magazines lol!) I am definitely getting it. Comment on which guy you think is hotter. :D

P.S. I also found some Saiyuki theme music so look forward to some cool themes!

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Yes, I know that I have a lot of cobwebs and dust on this site. I am moving into my new house in a week and all of our beds and stuff have to be out by Monday so I have not been posting much. As soon as the internet is working at the new house, I will update everything and start posting more again. I have some cool themes that are going to go up when I am done moving. First we have a sexy Thief Bakura theme with ďAbracadabraĒ by Stave Miller Band as the background music and then a wicked Full Metal Alchemist theme with ďDream OnĒ by Aerosmith.

Go check out my new FMA wallpaper ďDream OnĒ for a sneak peek. It was submitted yesterday and it already has 24 downloads. I am so proud of it.

Well, see you when I see you. Until then, later.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Now who would I kiss?
YYAAHAHA!!!! My new Ryou ďGoing UnderĒ Wallpaper is done! Please download and comment. A Noa background is coming tomorrow.

Also, thanks toElske29 for helping me promote Duelist Bi-Monthly. Itís helping out a lot. Thanks Elske.
Now for the fun partÖ.
Wolvesrule91ís YGO wrote this really cool fan fic on Yugioh Club (click here to read it ) and it is absolutely brilliant! Get this, she made Yami a dirty little pervert! Lol! Yami as a pervert is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen (good work by the way, wolfy) and her story got me thinking last night. Which YGO Guy would I be willing to kiss in real life? It seems like a good topic for today, so I made up a little list for you all. Please also use this list to see which would be most popular in real life.

Now who would I be willing to kissÖ

Yami Yugi: Not with out gagging.
Little Yugi: Maybe if you paid me five bucks.
Jeoy: DependsÖ
Tristan: *Puke*
Marik: In real life, I would probably kiss him.
Seto: Oh yeah, Iím getting a nice picture there.
Yami Bakura: Yeap.
Yami Marik: Yeah, I would. Scary, I know.
Duke: I dream about it!
Thief Bakura: Donít have to ask. *winks*

And the winner isÖ.

The YGO Guy that I would be willing to kiss in real lifeÖ.

Your going to be surprised.....

Ryou Bakura!!!

Not only would I make out with him, but I would marry him. My real life personality is very similar to him and we would just go great with each other, not to mention his is very good looking. *glumps Ryou*

Please edit the list and post it in the comment box so we can all see who is most popular. :D

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

   I forgot somthing yesterday
Duelist Bi-Monthly is the Duel Towerís official text email newsletter. Anyone could subscribe whether you are a member of the Duel Tower forum your just a guest who is a follow Yu-gi-oh fanatic.

Here is just some of the features that you will see in Duelist Be-Monthly:

YGO Media updates.
Duel Tower forum updates.
Card and Combo info
TV and Movie Quotes
Info on upcoming Yu-gi-oh episodes
And More!

I forgot to post yesterday what was actually in my newsletter. Sorry about that. :P Here it is.


Duelist Bi-Monthly is the Duel Towerís official text email newsletter. Anyone could subscribe whether you are a member of the Duel Tower forum your just a guest who is a follow Yu-gi-oh fanatic.

Here is just some of the features that you will see in Duelist Be-Monthly:

YGO Media updates.
Duel Tower forum updates.
Card and Combo info
TV and Movie Quotes
Info on upcoming Yu-gi-oh episodes
And More!

Subscribe today and remember, if you want to discontinue your subscription to Duelist Bi-Monthly, you may unsubscribe at anytime by following the information on the bottom of your newsletter copy.

All you have to do, is post your email on the Duel Tower site (see link below) or PM it to me.

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Friday, December 17, 2004

   A X x-mas
I finally was able to learn enough about Photoshop to make a really cool X Christmas background. For some reason, I find this theme a bit more corny then any other one that I made. I mean, I have a techno ďDeck the HallsĒ by a group called Mannheim Steamroller. The Mai avy is just hilarious too.

Well, The Duel Tower, at last, has itís own newsletter called Duelist Bi-Monthly. (W00t w00t.) I have already begun working on it along with the DT Newsletter Staff and the first issue should go out in January.

Since the only people that have subscribe to it is myself, the newsletter staff and my mom, I would like some of you to subscribe if you are interested. I am writing a very cool article about the new YGO DVD box set that I think some of you would want to read. ~_0

Here is how to you subscribe. It is so easy, even Joey can do it.

1. Click on the link below.


2. Post your email address as a GUEST if you are not a member.

3. Wait for you newsletter to arrive in you inbox.


1. PM your email to me here on MyO and I will add you myself.

Thatís it. Simple as that.

P.S. I thank anyone in advance that does subscribe to my newsletter. :D

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

   Wallpaper and Full Metal Bishies.
I made some new DN Angel wallpapers that I put up and I am working on a new Ryou wallpaper. I donít think I will have time to do make it until after school gets out for the holidays though.

Well, I said that I would post some more pictures from Full Metal Alchemist and I have. The last picture has a really funny quote that I added to it. I canít help but to think of that quote when ever I see the picture. lol! Oh, Iím so bad. XP

Ooo, Eddy is kind of cute. He's a cute bishie. ~.0

*made up quote*
Ed: This is a little too kinky donít you think?

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

   Full Metal Alchemist!
I finally remembered to set my last night and I got to watch my first episode Full Metal Alchemist. It was really good. I got to see Ed pass his state Alchemy test. I am defiantly going to record it next week. It is such a shame that it has to be on so laterÖNo matter though.

EhÖI hate moving, but it is for the best. The city I live in now is just getting too big and the people arenít nice anymore according to what my parents. Iím leaving, hot, dry Nevada to a smaller town in Utah. It wonít be so bad though. Utah has wonderful scenery and the town that we are moving to is smaller. I really canít wait for it. I just heat the packing and the stress of selling the house. Iím going to be packing all day today so we can bug out when we sell the house.

Anyways, enough of that. Hereís pictures of yesterday/todayís show. I will post more FMA pictures tommorw because I have got some goods ones. 0_~

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Friday, December 10, 2004

Let It Snow
The new theme is up!!! Itís DN Angel! W00t w00t. Anyways, I really donít know what to type because nothing is really happening exept RPG madness and the fact that I am moving to Utah. Nice scenery. I canít wait.

Looks like somebody found a new toy. XD

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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

I am now a member of THAT and not only do I now break for bishies, but I also brake for villains with unnatural hair color. XD *glomps Bakura and Dark*

YHAA!!! I get my new holiday theme up tomorrow. This time itís D*N*Angel in ďLet it Snow.Ē You can download the wallpaper now if you want a little sneak peek. 0.~

I really donít know what else to write so I am just going to post some pictures. I'm not going to bother resizing them because Dark is just too hott.

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Monday, December 6, 2004

Noa Kaiba....
Very interesting dream last night. I dreamed that Noa Kaiba had a crush on me and kissed me full on the mouth. It wasnít that bad really, but it was more like kissing your little cousin or something. I would have much preferred if it was Seto.

YHAAA!!! I one third place in Yami Loniís YGO Coloring contest! Click Here to see the winning pieces. Hehehe, you thought Yamiís hair was colorful before; I gave him highlights. XD Iím so bad. XD

A congratulations banner I made for BlackMagitionGrl for getting 2000 Hits!!

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