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Hello my fellow otakus. Its nice to know that there are curious people out there that just wanders into strangers' site. For all you know, a virus might be downloaded into your computer as you are reading this. I was just kidding.

I'm on my road to becoming a Manga-Ka but its going to be tough. This year I've gotten serious about drawing manga. The years before, I just drew random pictures that my friends ask me to draw. This year, I'm challenging myself, if i fail this year than i should just stick to reading it. Hehe.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

   New Year!
Happy ASIAN(not only chinese) New Year!!!! sigh..i'm glad this awful year has been finally over..this pass two days have been awful...on friday..i tripped and dropped my cellphone and broke it...now when someone calls, i can't hear them but they can hear me..isn't that just so fricking funny? i think its hysterical! My dads said hes gonna buy me a new one..but a very very very cheap one..sigh...evil man...Today(yesterday?) I tried turning on my light, it didn't work...so i did what any other person would do..change the bulb...that didn't work..so i thought that that bulb was a dud. i went to get another one...apparently its not the bulbs...i went downstairs to check the fuse box...nope, nothing was turned off..apparently..my room is the only one that can't turn on the lights....u have any idea how hard it is to change in the dark!!! And then as i was walking out to the car to go to Walmart...i manage to hurt myself with a twig...a twig!!!! it stabbed me!! Just when i thought that that day couldn't get any worse....at Walmart, i slipped on a pickle and chocolate milk, b4 u ask, someone broke a pickle jar and busted a chocolate milk container...and then when i got home...the mail came in...my mom got to my report card b4 i did and she saw my C...i dunno whats gonna happen to me...i have to wait till the morning...oh yea....i never really did get those bubbles...

Year of the Dog folks!!!

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Friday, January 27, 2006

   hey hey
Ah...the semester finally over...i'm kinda relieved, now i can have a fresh start...i got a C in math...my very first C...somehow...i dun really care..i should care...since i will die if my rents find out..but owell...i hated math anyways...i have finally stopped my addiction..wait wait..i mean obcession with coffee...life just seems so...so dull without it...coffee is heaven, coffee is life...then how the heck am i surviving without it now??? good question...give me a minute while i ponder....nickelback is coming to my lil city of Roanoke in march...i will be there...i enjoy their music...its so sad that some people look at me with disgust when i tell them that i will be attending that concert...*shakes head*...u know what i feel like doing right now? blowing bubbles..i miss that..i should go venture out to a nearby store and get some..hmmm...

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Friday, January 20, 2006

   the return of anna!
Hello all....so..its been awhile...hehe *scratches nose* school bites, thats why i haven't been on for like two months so my bad yo....today was the last day of exams so now i'm stressfree for awhile...so...yo! This sunday is finally Azn New Year..can't wait!!! Not only is this old year over but!...adults give money to kids/teens on new years...hehe *rubs hands together* money...*drools* You know something? My friend gave me March of the Penguins for xmas and i still haven't watched it. She told me that she wasn't gonna talk to me until i do...You have to know something...i adore penguins, i worship them so why in the world would i watch a movie where a gazillion penguins die!! lol, i will never watch that movie..NEVER!!! I also got a big madagascar penguin for xmas...from my dear bf...hes so awesome...that gift was so considerate...:D The semester ended now, so my schedule changed....i have gym..bleh...but whats so funny was that 5 minutes after i recieved my schedule.....i lost it...embarassing? you would laff more if i told u that a week b4 they gave us our student ids...and..afer 10 mins, i lost it...thankfully one of my friends found it and returned it to me..i'm so spacey...haha...

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Monday, December 5, 2005

Guess what!!! (what?), no school today!!!!!! lol...actually i really wanted to go to school but my bf didn't. Guess Mother Nature decided to side with him instead of me. And i'm afraid that if i seek revenge, she'll make all my penguin friends extinct. lol. Last Saturaday was my Birthday!! I'm finally 16!!!!! Yea! Whoo!...whoo..(sigh) i dun feel any differnt. lol. My mom finished her Christmas shopping already...i dun no why she wants to. The mall is such a fab place to go! I still have mine to do so yea...lol. I love the mall this time of year! Its the only time of year where penguins are everywhere!!! Penguins are even taking over the Coca-Cola commercials!!! I just love it!!!
(sigh)maybe i won't have skool tomorrow either...

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

   My day
I went to see Harry Potter 4 today, ok, but they rushed everything. Anyways, i went to this theatre that was unknown because i didn't want the place to be crowded. Didn't work. I had a lovely time, psh. Not really, i enjoyed the move and all but not the people behind me. They brought their little kids that really don't know how to whisper let alone shut up. That one little girl elbowed me in the back of the neck, it really hurted. And the guy's cell keeps going off! The people specifically asked that everyone turn off thier cell before the movie. Apparently this guy was illiterate or something! It ranged 4 times! Why didn't he just left the theatre and answer the darn thing!!!!?

Anyways, after the movies, i went to the mall to see that guy i like. He was so sweet. He's really not suppose to have visitors so he pretended to advertise something to me so that he could talk to me. Awww....Well thats really all there is to my day. Its never as intersting as lordsesshomaru.

All hail lordsesshomaru!!

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