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Saturday, November 19, 2005

   My day
I went to see Harry Potter 4 today, ok, but they rushed everything. Anyways, i went to this theatre that was unknown because i didn't want the place to be crowded. Didn't work. I had a lovely time, psh. Not really, i enjoyed the move and all but not the people behind me. They brought their little kids that really don't know how to whisper let alone shut up. That one little girl elbowed me in the back of the neck, it really hurted. And the guy's cell keeps going off! The people specifically asked that everyone turn off thier cell before the movie. Apparently this guy was illiterate or something! It ranged 4 times! Why didn't he just left the theatre and answer the darn thing!!!!?

Anyways, after the movies, i went to the mall to see that guy i like. He was so sweet. He's really not suppose to have visitors so he pretended to advertise something to me so that he could talk to me. Awww....Well thats really all there is to my day. Its never as intersting as lordsesshomaru.

All hail lordsesshomaru!!

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