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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   New Year!
Happy ASIAN(not only chinese) New Year!!!! sigh..i'm glad this awful year has been finally over..this pass two days have been awful...on friday..i tripped and dropped my cellphone and broke it...now when someone calls, i can't hear them but they can hear me..isn't that just so fricking funny? i think its hysterical! My dads said hes gonna buy me a new one..but a very very very cheap one..sigh...evil man...Today(yesterday?) I tried turning on my light, it didn't work...so i did what any other person would do..change the bulb...that didn't work..so i thought that that bulb was a dud. i went to get another one...apparently its not the bulbs...i went downstairs to check the fuse box...nope, nothing was turned off..apparently..my room is the only one that can't turn on the lights....u have any idea how hard it is to change in the dark!!! And then as i was walking out to the car to go to Walmart...i manage to hurt myself with a twig...a twig!!!! it stabbed me!! Just when i thought that that day couldn't get any worse....at Walmart, i slipped on a pickle and chocolate milk, b4 u ask, someone broke a pickle jar and busted a chocolate milk container...and then when i got home...the mail came in...my mom got to my report card b4 i did and she saw my C...i dunno whats gonna happen to me...i have to wait till the morning...oh yea....i never really did get those bubbles...

Year of the Dog folks!!!

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