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Monday, December 5, 2005

Guess what!!! (what?), no school today!!!!!! lol...actually i really wanted to go to school but my bf didn't. Guess Mother Nature decided to side with him instead of me. And i'm afraid that if i seek revenge, she'll make all my penguin friends extinct. lol. Last Saturaday was my Birthday!! I'm finally 16!!!!! Yea! Whoo!...whoo..(sigh) i dun feel any differnt. lol. My mom finished her Christmas shopping already...i dun no why she wants to. The mall is such a fab place to go! I still have mine to do so yea...lol. I love the mall this time of year! Its the only time of year where penguins are everywhere!!! Penguins are even taking over the Coca-Cola commercials!!! I just love it!!!
(sigh)maybe i won't have skool tomorrow either...

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