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Sunday, August 6, 2006


hello everybody how's it going? me missed ya all, i've been of for like 3 weeks, will i was outta towen i traveled with my family.
things worked out with me and my mom ^^.
yup we traveled by car it was bad :P, and me lil bro(he's 6 years old) lost two of hes tooth he look so funny here's a pic of himhere

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hey everybody how are ya all, hope your all cool, well for me I'm soooo not in a good shape physically and emotionally, I shouldn't be like that cuz it's me best friends birth day (DemyxNoctureSitar) and tomorrow is Tsumetaihi's birth day (also one of me best friends), but things are getting dirty here at home, me and my mom had our worst fights, and now she doesn't talk to me or even look at me at all it's like I'm not there, it's sure not a cool thing at all, and she even shouts at me.
Well to be honest I don't know what's the deal we were out to see a movie, and from the minute I got up from bed I was pissed of, and to make it to the worst we missed the movie and mom called me a liar, and dad saying that he won't get out with us anymore, then they wanted to eat I told them that I'm not hungry, and mom kept on asking you want this you want that and all what I said was (no) cuz I wasn't hungry, but she kept on asking then I told her (noo!! Mom I told you I'm not hungry) and she said that they way that I said that was soooo mean I told her I'm pissed of and then she made fun of me as always. And now she doesn't talk to me at all (of course that is not all of the details!).
And now I just don't eat at all, some time i just once a day, why? Well when I get into those kinda problems I just don't think of food at all, I guess that's why I only weight 88 bonds, o.k lets forget about those things, I should be happy for my friends, and I also should be happy cuz the two members that almost died (see the last post to know) from a fire are now completely o.k, did I mention that the younger one was in the hospital? He's now o.k and had been released home, but both are still scared.
Oh and my family is going to travel out but I think that I won't be with them cuz of the fight, and at the end I might post my story at the articles section , happy birth day to you guys and see ya next time.

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Sunday, July 9, 2006


hey evrybody how's it going? well for me it's been a crazy week,two members of my family almost died it was a mirecal that they're still alive, they're just kids and they're brothers the older bro is 4 and the younger is just 1.
i'm just glade that they're alive.
by the way got new fan art.

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

cut me hair

hello everybody how's it going me soo good, i cut me hair it's sooo short i can't even hold it ^^ everyone said that it looks cute.
anyway look at this pic, who's this? it's lil evil me

oh yeah and i forgot to tell you that the party was a blast!it was so cool.

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Monday, June 26, 2006


woooooooooooo so hyper hehe.. and me reached 1000 votes on me pics ^^ oh yeah.
o.k it was sooo fast and now i can't stop jumping (turn to chibi mode) woooooooooooo.
(ahem)alright we're haveing a party this wendesday, i didn't want to go but all me fiends are there so i'm going...i'm really not that kinda person that always partying. so should i go?.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

   991 votes ^^

o.k everybody i just knew that i reached 991 votes on my fanart ^^ yay me.(dance and jumps),cool huh, i also did not bad in the finals not how i wanted it but that will do.
and now it's summer holiday yeahhhhhhhhh....
yesterday i went to me uncle's house and we were talking about my teeth they need to be fixed, my cousen had the same probshe told me to fix them now not to wait like her and she said now it's hard when your a grown up!!!!!! and i just said:whoa!i'm an adoult dear.
her:what?how old are ya?
me:i'm 19, why?
her:umm you look young,i thought you were like 13.
why does poeple think that i look younger then me age?.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


hey everybody hoe are ya?well i'm kinda pissed off now,finals are finally done now it wasn't bad but i think that i won't be able to keep my A's i'm so worried.
lets forget about that now i posted some new pics and i changed my site, what ya think by the way anyone wants to talk p.m me i know i do.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


hello people how are ya well me was in a bad mood but now me better now finals have started i'm kinda doing well i can't say that i'm doing great, anyway two days before the finals started i was sitting in my room and i thought about my long gone uncle i was so sad then mom came in to my room and asked me what's wrong i didn't say a thing i don't like anybody to know why i'm sad or to see my tears but she kept on asking and in the end i cried i couldn't take it but i didn't tell her what's bothering me, and today i had a dream about him he was so calm and smilling and then he huged me and told me that it's o.k, then he asked me "where's your cusien go tell her it's time to go" does anyone knows about dreams stuf.
o.k now i have to post for me brother.
see ya..

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

   hehe me got her

hello people i'm much much much much better now my eyes are back ...YAY(tauch my eyes) they don't hurte anymore( dance a littel) anyway i did me project and got the full mark :D and everyone said that it was sooooooooooooooo cool ...unlike somegirl (miss piggy) she didn't show us her project. i beat her twice ..YES, o.k done with that i'm gonna be off for myebe a month well it cuz of the finals, i have to kick her butt for sure so gotta study hard.
i'm now sooo bored i'm just listening to anime music soo anyone wants to talk the be me guest..

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Friday, May 12, 2006

   bad eyes

hey everybody me have infeted eyes so you wouldn't want to get any close to me ...:( stupid me hate when that happens...well one of them has illurgy while the other has a virus in it...:( and they hurt BAD.
anyway lets stop that me got new fan art, and new anime, no story for today sorry guys but me can't be on the computer for long cuz of me eyes so me didn't have enough time to write..o.k me done so how are ya guys
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