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Sunday, December 4, 2005


guys a very bad news i have there......i've lost my photoshop programme T__T and that means no colorful pics for sometime T___T..(tears)sings(lonely,i'm mister lonely)why does this always happens to meeee.
anyway my bro's doing cool i has friends without going to singing g.b.

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Friday, December 2, 2005

   just great

hey guess what my littel brother just joined the myotaku T__T he's sooooooo annoying, but be he's friend.
it's a good thing that we won't get on tegather.
he's username is (tails-x)

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Hey everybody how’s everything, boy I haven’t been around for along time I missed you all guys well it’s all cuze of me computer ,but now it’s much better ofcurse I’ve lost a lot of things but oh well, hey me birthday is almost here ^^ I’m sooooo happy I’m gonna be 19, yepeeee bye bye 18 :P, anyway here’s the headlines:

1-not the shortest: yeah I’m not the shortest anymore there’s who’s shorter then meeeeee…..but I’m still the youngest :P yep and the skinniest in our classes ,lost one nickname(shorty) but still have(baby, baby face, skully, Japanese eyes.
2-Fats vs. brats: alright now it’s now like a challenge in my classes between my group and another group of fatsos their leader’s(miss piggy)she thinks she’s good in everything, well I just won a challenge with her, haha yes I showed her that she’s no better then us .
3-Funny and weird :have you ever did something weird in your life , I did a lot of weird stuff such as onion fight at the beach ,or talking backwards , or even changing our names with wacky ones ,well the onion fight was the weirdest of all I was 13 back then and everyone who comes across the place slows down to see what the hell is wrong with us XD
4-Characters: well it’s about time to talk about my story and it’s characters well I have a lot of characters in it so I’ll talk about some of ‘em everytime I get in, here goes:
1-akira (Alexander):
also called as (aki) by his friends ,akira’s a very stubborn guy with a scar on his left check ,akira doesn’t talk much and just loves ,LOVES to get in a fight ,he loves that even more then being in a date with a girl that is ready to spend money on him more then anything.
akira’s best friend who knows him more then anyone else ,takashi is the complete opposite of akira’s personality , he’s kind likes to have a quiet conversation with anyone.

Well that’s for now , next time it’ll be only about the characters of the story so until then see ya all

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

   HAAAAAAAAAAA need some help here

NOOOOO NOT AGAIN,guys bad news my computer's gone mad again it's now fixed but i've lost everything progrrams and the site that helps you on how you put stuff in your site T__T i need help

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yo yo everybody how's your life as for me I'm alive…any way I decided to change a lots of things in my site as you can see I changed the b.g to another of my character and the post b.g too, I also change my post way, I'll always begin with a headline then the details and so on, well that's all for the beginning but I'll start.

1. Back to college. 2. A girl with a strange arm. 3. I got to be in where I want. 4. New baby. 5. Our house is on the way. 6. Color? 7. Flying shoe!! And new stuff:

Well that the headlines and now the details:

1-yep me back to college and this time it's at morning :p will that really sucks I have to have lunch there and it's not cool ,I have to wait till my turn and that takes so long and the food is.. well I don't have to say but because of being so hungry I eat XP.

2-the girl with the strange are, well it's not her arm , I guess that she had a bad accident and lost her arm ,at first I saw her coming down the stairs and I thought why is she moving her arm like in a funny way, then it came I felt sorry.

3-well because that I was an A student I had the right to choose where I want to study and I chose the best: computer programmer… oh yeah!!!

4 – my cousin had her first baby and she's sooooo cute I have her pic in my celphone I'll try to send it soon.

5- yes our house is almost done, dad said that we might get to live there this month…can't wait.

6- o.k as you knew before our house is almost done and I was thinking what color should I Pint my room got ideas ,well I always wanted blue it's my favorite color btw)

7- yeah a shoe can fly, don't believe me huh? Well mine did, how? Well we were fooling around me and my friends when tried to copy someone's moves and it flow to the center of the college main hall, :P so embarrassing.

Well that's all hope you liked the new way, and me got new pics.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005


hey guys how are ya i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo tierd i just came from college i did a new pic,i don't have much to say i just wanna go to bed i had to wakeup at 5 am to day

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Friday, November 4, 2005

long time

hello every body how's every thing ,well for me things are slow i have 4 holidays now for the eid ,what's (eid) it's a cool occasion when you gather mony from your oledr relatives ype it's soo cool,except that my skirt just has to fall dawn a bet cuz of my small body XP

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hello hello testing 123 testing

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   happy halloween
happy halloween everyone got a pic for halloween have a look
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Monday, October 3, 2005

   a month or more
hey guys i just wnted to tell you that i won't be in for a month or more i hope you all see that..and by the way i failed the driving test T__T
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